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February 2, 2019

France: The Carnac Alignments

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Massive stones of the Ménec alignment

Near the village of Carnac in the Brittany region of France are a collection of megalithic structures. One such monument, the Ménec alignment, extends more than a kilometer in length. This alignment has eleven rows of massive granite boulders partially buried in the ground. Estimates say that the structures are around 5,300 years old, which puts their date of construction near 3300 BCE.  

The alignments near Carnac are like a larger more linear version Stonehenge. Indeed, Carnac’s standing stones date from the same time period as Stonehenge. There is one difference. The Carnac alignments don’t have as many modern English-language cultural references as Stonehenge, at least if you don’t count the frequent appearances of Carnac the Magnificent on the Tonight Show.

Rock this way in Carnac

The prehistoric builders of these monuments spent a lot of time and effort moving enormous rocks about. This would have been a big job even with modern heavy equipment. And the alignments are not just in Carnac. The Ménec alignment is just one of numerous places in this area of Brittany where megalithic structures still stand. To see them all would take days.


We visited Carnac in August of 2018

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