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March 1, 2017

France: Marseille’s Street Art

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Street art flourishes at the economic edge. With a quarter of its population living below the poverty line, Marseille has edginess in abundance. It also has plenty of street art. (more…)

February 4, 2017

France: Marseille

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Marseille gets a bad rap. France’s second largest city has been labeled as the crime capitol of France. And it is true. Tourists do stand a statistically greater chance being a victim of a petty theft in Marseille compared to many European cities. Nevertheless, unless you are foolish, it is unlikely that you will be ripped off. And if you are afraid of being murdered, then you should avoid American cities first. The murder rate in Indianapolis in 2016 is more than four times greater than in the similarly sized Marseille. Are you afraid of terrorism because Muslims make up about 24% of Marseille’s population? You shouldn’t be. The city has little jihadi violence. Marseille is far from the safest city for a tourist but it is not as bad as many would suggest. (more…)

February 17, 2016

France: Toul

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A sunflower in France

A sunflower in France

Each year after the coverage of the Tour de France ends I start missing my daily dose of the scenes from the French countryside. I’ve always watched the Tour in part for the race and in part for the aerial travelogue. Drama in a bike race occurs only periodically. The scenery fills in the dead spots. (more…)

January 27, 2016

France: Châtillon-sur-Loire


The Briare Aqueduct carries the Canal lateral à la Loire over the Loire River. On the southwestern side of the river, the canal turns to the southeast and about five kilometers later arrives in Châtillon-sur-Loire. (more…)

January 11, 2016

Portugal: Lisbon’s Street Art

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Street art thrives at the edges of modern society. Generally poorer areas get more their share of volunteer art. Undoubtedly some of this is inadvertent editing; the richer areas can afford the cost of cleaning every mark off of a wall as soon as they appear. There’s also the motivation of a larger pool of the young and disenfranchised that use the walls of a city to express themselves. Portugal is and has been one of the poorest countries in Western Europe for decades. Not surprisingly, its capitol Lisbon is a hot bed of street art. (more…)

December 17, 2014

England: London Street Art

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With free entry at many of its museums, art is easy to see in London. And in London, as in many cities, art is not confined to the indoor spaces of the museums. Street art, sometimes sanctioned, sometimes not, is everywhere. Walking about searching for street art has become a habit of ours. I don’t think we will break it soon. (more…)

December 16, 2014

England: London, the Statue of Emperor Trajan


Curiously there’s a statue of the Roman emperor Trajan near the Tower Hill Tube Station in London. The statue stands in front of one of the remaining sections of Londonium’s wall. It is believed that the Romans constructed the wall in the early part of the 3rd Century many years after Trajan’s death. Other than their current juxtaposition, there’s no particular link between the Roman wall and the statue of Trajan. (more…)

April 28, 2014

Las Vegas: The Neon Museum

The Boneyard Park at the Neon Museum

The Boneyard Park at the Neon Museum

The Neon Museum in Las Vegas is where good signs go to retire. Today some of Sin City’s classic lighted signs have been rehabilitated and are on display in the museum’s Boneyard Park and along Las Vegas Avenue. It is a fitting end for these quintessential pieces of Americana.


December 19, 2012

Portugal: Porto

A tram rolls through Porto's streets

A tram rolls through Porto’s streets

Twenty years ago during a particularly pleasant work related boondoggle I visited Porto Portugal for the first time.  Though I include the stop on my travel resume, the visit was (more…)

December 2, 2012

Spain: Lugo

The Roman Walls of Lugo

The Roman Walls of Lugo

On the way from Oviedo to Santiago de Compostela we stopped in Lugo to see the walls.  Though we can stare at walls pretty much anywhere, Lugo’s walls aren’t just any walls.


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