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February 21, 2019

Germany: Fussen

A surviving picture of Neuschwanstein

Fussen Germany is the tourist base for exploring two of Mad King Ludwig’s castles, Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. The castles, particularly the fanciful Neuschwanstein said to have been an inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, have been featured in numerous international travel shows. And it shows. When we visited in September, the later part of the tourist season, the area was full of tourists. (more…)


February 18, 2019

Germany: Lindau (Bodensee)

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Lindau Germany

Due to circumstances not entirely within our control, 2018 turned out to be for us a year for European road journeys. In September we hit the highways for our fourth and final road long trip of the year. From our base in Saint Jean de Losne France we headed east. Our first stop was Lindau. (more…)

February 15, 2019

France: Rennes

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Art in Rennes

The capital of the modern region of Brittany, the city of Rennes is located about four hours by car to the west of Paris. It’s an historic place. The commune’s history goes back more than 2,000 years. (more…)

February 12, 2019

France: Dinan

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Viaduct de Lanvallay crosses over the Rance.

Dinan is a walled town in the northeastern corner of Brittany France. The commune sits on the banks of the Rance River. Roughly 15 miles to the north near St. Malo is the river’s mouth. (more…)

February 10, 2019

France: Brittany, Josselin

Château de Josselin

Mostly we coast hopped as we toured Brittany in August of 2018. Brittany has a long shoreline, more than a 1000 miles in length. It’s quite easy to just visit the region’s idyllic seaside communes. But as we learned exploring Brittany’s interior is a worthy goal too. (more…)

February 7, 2019

France: Brittany, Abbaye de Beauport

Inside the ruins of the church at Abbaye de Beauport

A short drive from the port town of Paimpol in France’s Côtes-d’Armor department is the Abbaye de Beauport. Construction of the abbey at this spot began near the turn of the 13th Century, more than 800 years ago. (more…)

February 6, 2019

France: Roscoff and Paimpol

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When the tide in Roscoff is in it covers the walkway to the nearby lighthouse.

Before I arrived in Brittany I had a picture in my head of a quintessential Brittany village. In my mind the streets would be lined with gray stone cottages accented by flower boxes. Conscious or otherwise, finding a place that matched my mental picture became a quest. But the mental picture was proving to be a hard goal. Though we had seen many attractive places in Brittany they weren’t quite as I had imagined. It is a reality of travel: You never find exactly what you are expecting. And that’s a good thing. (more…)

February 5, 2019

France: Caramet-sur-Mer

A line of decaying fishing boats in Caramet-sur-Mer

Between overnight stops in the Brittany communes of Quimper and Roscoff we paused for a couple of hours in Caramet-sur-Mer. Camaret is a fishing port in the Finistère department of Brittany in western France. (more…)

France: Pont de Térénez

Pont de Térénez

Departement Road 791 from Quimper to Camaret-sur-Mer crosses over the Aulne River via the Pont de Térénez. A bridge at this place was originally constructed between 1913 and 1925. This bridge was destroyed in World War II either by an allied bombing raid or by the retreating German’s demolition crew. In 1951 the bridge was repaired. But by 1992 it was found that the bridge had contracted a terminal case of “concrete cancer”. Ultimately it was determined that the disease was fatal and a replacement span was needed. Thus in 2007 the construction of a new bridge was initiated. (more…)

February 3, 2019

France: Quimper Brittany

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Flower box lined passerelles cross over the Odet River in Quimper.

The flower-filled commune of Quimper is regarded as the cultural heart of Brittany. Located towards the outer end of the Brittany peninsula Quimper is the administrative capital of France’s Finistère departement. (more…)

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