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November 27, 2012

Spain: Barrios de Luna Reservoir

Barrios de Luna Reservoir

Only 79 miles via the autopista from León, Oviedo, our next destination, was a short drive away.  Both Google Maps and our leased Grand Kangoo’s GPS directed us to take (more…)

November 23, 2012

Spain: León

Heading towards León’s Cathedral (HDR)

Speeding towards León a road sign proclaimed that we were on the “Autovia ‘Camino de Santiago’”.  It was true, our Renault Grand Kangoo stuffed with French wine and with our (more…)

November 19, 2012

England: Liverpool

Liverpool One’s escalator at night

By reputation rain is inevitable on any visit to England.  In truth it doesn’t rain as often as advertised.  Sunny days are not that uncommon, or so we hear.  Still “rain, heavy at times” (more…)

November 15, 2012

France: Medoc and St. Emilion

Château Pichon Longueville Baron in Pauillac (HDR)

Though we frequently make threats, we don’t often get the chance to return to places we’ve visited.  On this visit to Europe we lived up to our promises and revisited a couple of places that we’ve been to recently.  We returned to Bordeaux and its surrounding wine country.


France: Bordeaux

Place de la Bourse in Bordeaux reflected on a windy day by the largest water mirror of the world (HDR)

Our only visit to Bordeaux was a virtual whistle stop.  A two-hour stop in such a vibrant and complex city can only hope to be an appetizer.  We were scheming a return even as we departed.  During this year’s visit to France we’d get our chance.


France: Tain L’Hermitage and Vienne

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The vineyards of Hermitage

A careful reader might notice that we have a tendency to travel to wine producing regions.  It hasn’t been a conscious plan.  But yes, in retrospect, the labels on the front of more than (more…)

November 12, 2012

France: Fontainebleau

Inside the library at the Palace of Fontainebleau (HDR)

The commune of Fontainebleau is located on the outskirts of Paris France.  Fontainebleau has a pleasant urban middle with the typical old churches and a stylish covered market (more…)

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