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March 18, 2017

France: Côte d’Or

The commune of Vosne-Romanée

Burgundy’s most famous and most expensive wines originate in the Côte d’Or appellation, a band of vineyards extending from the southern outskirts of Dijon to Santenay. On the east side of this limestone escarpment the vineyards spill down the hillside onto the valley floor. A designated 60-kilometer long road route through the vineyards, the Route des Grands Crus, takes oenophiles (more…)


February 5, 2016

France: Hotel Barges

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Amaryllis pushes into the lock.

Amaryllis pushes into the lock.

Hotel barges are a comfortable way to experience France. On board one can cruise through the countryside in the lap of luxury. You can even glide through Burgundy’s vineyards while relaxing in a hot tub. (more…)

December 7, 2014

France: Bailly-Lapierre

Dégustation at Bailly-Lapierre

Dégustation at Bailly-Lapierre

 Not far from Auxerre France, alongside the River Yonne, is a cave that houses Bailly-Lapierre, a large cooperative producer of Crémant de Bourgogne. Crémant de Bourgogne is Burgundy’s sparkling wine, a competitor to nearby Champagne’s bubbles.


December 6, 2014

France: The Cistercian Abbey in Pontigny

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The Cistercian Abbey in Pontigny

The Cistercian Abbey in Pontigny

 The historic Cistercian abbey in Pontigny is a short drive from Auxerre in northwestern Burgundy. We visited the abbey on a nice day in November. In these parts, November is definitely not the peak of the tourist season and we pretty much had the place to ourselves.


June 12, 2013

France: Dijon—Marché Couvert


France’s covered markets rank amongst our favorite places.  A covered market (marché couvert in French) is typically a large open building.  Inside fixed stalls line the aisles.  On (more…)

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