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June 30, 2013

Hawai’i: Star of the Sea Painted Church

DSC_4258_HDR-Edit-EditA favorite stop for photographers near Hawai’i’s Volcanoes National Park is the Star of the Sea Painted Church.  Though it looks older, the church was built in 1927-1928 under (more…)

January 4, 2012

Mt. St. Helens: Lava Canyon and Ape Cave

Near Windy Ridge Spirit Lake is still jammed with dead trees left from the 1980 eruption. Mt. Rainier appears over the ridge.

Most visitors to Mt. St. Helens approach the National Monument from Castle Rock Washington.  Highway 504 takes tourists from the Interstate 5 corridor to the Coldwater and Johnston Ridge vantage (more…)

December 29, 2011

Mt. St. Helens: Plains of Abraham/Ape Canyon

Mt. St. Helens signature mountain biking ride is a combination of two trails.  Ape Canyon Trail climbs on a ridge above its namesake canyon.  Named for a purported Bigfoot sighting in 1924, the canyon is a (more…)

Mount Saint Helens: The Climb

Climbing Mt. St. Helens is just a walk in the forest down low.

Periodically the notion of climbing a mountain sparks through our synapses. Usually good sense prevails. The painful pounding reality of the effort required to reach the top of some remote mountain quickly tempers the overactive enthusiasm. This time we made an exception. Mt. St. Helens was just too interesting not to climb.


November 23, 2011

National Parks: Mt. Rainier

Flowing water inside Rainier National Park (HDR)

Next up on our National Park tour was historic Mount Rainier.  Established in 1899, Rainier is the fifth area to be designated as a National Park in the United States. Today Rainier, not far from metropolitan Seattle Washington, is a (more…)

August 2, 2011

National Parks: Crater Lake

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Crater Lake National Park

Each summer we migrate to British Columbia Canada to mountain bike on the regions legendary trails.  This year the trek north presented an opening to check out additional (more…)

February 26, 2010


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A coati--a member of the racoon family

With partial overcast, we were out in the morning to see the Volcan Arenal.  Continuing our counter clockwise loop around the base of the volcano that we started (more…)

February 24, 2010

San Jose to Arenal

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The view from the box seats at San Jose's Teatro National

We woke to the bright sun of a clear San Jose morning.  Painfully early, we moved out onto the streets for a short walking tour.


February 22, 2010

Costa Rica, Pura Vida

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With the pluck of a virtual finger and a mental whir, the needle that determines our travel destinations landed on Costa Rica.  Why Costa Rica?  Aside from the contrast of Costa Rica’s tropical climate to the February weather further north, it is hard to say.  Perhaps (more…)

February 2, 2010

The List

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See the world

It could be argued that retiring before my 45th birthday has left me purposeless.  Is it true?  Who knows?  Retirement is better for me than going to work each day.  Working until retirement, when you don’t have to is for those who need someone else to define (more…)

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