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April 19, 2019

Slovenia: Ljubljana, the View from Above

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City streets of Ljubljana

It was difficult to do full justice to Ljubljana in photographs. It’s a beautiful city but good unobstructed angles for pictures can be hard to find. It hasn’t helped that the weather in October of 2018 when we visited was hazy and wet. (more…)


April 18, 2019

Slovenia: Ljubljana

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Ljubljana with its famous triple bridge partially obscured by the buildings.

Before our road trip in the fall of 2018 we new little about Slovenia. We lumped Slovenia together with the conglomeration of countries that calved off when the Yugoslavian state ceased to exist. (more…)

April 17, 2019

Croatia: Zagreb, the Contemporary Art Museum

The double spiral slide designed by Carsten Höller: It’s not what you expect to see at an art museum.

Today we took the tram out to visit Zagreb’s Muzej suvremene umjetnosti or the Contemporary Art Museum for those who like us are not fluent in hrvatski. As usual, nothing really makes sense at modern art museums. This one was no exception. (more…)

April 14, 2019

Croatia: Zagreb

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Inside Zagreb’s Orthodox Cathedral or Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Lord, the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral

Croatia has become a modern tourist Mecca. The country’s idyllic seaside villages and a beautiful coastline worthy as a backdrop for the filming of Game of Thrones attract large numbers of tourists. In 2017 the country reported 90 million visitor overnight stays. For a country with a permanent population of just four million, that is a lot of tourism. Over a full year, 6% of the people in the country are on average tourists. And for sure the percentages are higher during the peak tourist season. (more…)

April 4, 2019

Austria: Graz, Murinsel

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Murinsel floats in the Mur River in Graz Austria.

The Murinsel in central Graz Austria is an artificial floating “island” in the middle of the Mur River. Like the Kunsthaus 500 feet or so downstream, Murinsel was constructed for the 2003 European Capital of Culture. The floating island holds café and a children’s playground. More practically, Murinsel’s access ramps serve as a pedestrian bridge across the river.


April 3, 2019

Austria: Graz, The Stairs of Reconciliation

The Stairs of Reconciliation at Burg Graz

We happened on the Doppelwendeltreppe, or “The Stairs of Reconciliation”, at Burg Graz by chance. Walking by we saw the door open and a sign on the wall. So we walked inside not really knowing what to expect. On the inside we found an unusual staircase that splits and rejoins several times as it circles. Graz people call it the “stairs of reconciliation” for if you go separate ways, you will ultimately reunite at the next landing. (more…)

March 31, 2019

Austria: Graz

Pedestrianized central Graz

In retrospect I knew surprising little about Graz Austria before we decided to visit in October of 2018. I didn’t know that the commune is Austria’s second largest city. Before we planned to visit I did not know of the existence of Schloss Eggenberg, a Baroque palace located on Graz’s perimeter. Nor did I know that Graz was the capitol of Styria. In fact I didn’t know of the existence of Styria at all, though I probably should have. As always, travel is a great teacher. (more…)

March 28, 2019

Austria: Kunsthaus Graz

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Kunsthaus Graz

In truth the sole initial motivation for visiting Graz was to see the city’s modern Art House, or Kunsthaus. Years ago a saw a picture of the blue blob-like structure nestled in among the red tile roofs of the city; I knew it was something I had to see. The Kunsthaus looked perfectly out of place. For the past few years we’ve had tentative plans to try to get to Graz, but they never worked out. Finally this year we made it. (more…)

March 25, 2019

Slovakia: Bratislava, the Castle and the River

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Bratislava’s castle was in ruins before it was rebuilt between 1956 and 1964.

The Danube River and its castle are, along with the UFO Bridge, Bratislava’s most unmissable sights. I mean this literally. It would be hard to visit central Bratislava without catching a glimpse of the prominent river, bridge, and castle. Indeed, these three features seem to appear most commonly in the pictures I took during our stay in October of 2018. (more…)

March 24, 2019

Slovakia: Bratislava, Communist Era Buildings

Colorfully painted Communist-era apartment blocks across the river from Bratislava’s old town

Thirty years ago Bratislava Czechoslovakia was just on the Warsaw Pact side of the Iron Curtain. A few miles away from the city center, visible from its high building tops, is Austrian territory. Separating Austria and Czechoslovakia was a border barrier designed in part to keep those living in the Eastern Bloc from leaving. If you lived in Bratislava you could not in general migrate to nearby Vienna, 60-odd kilometers away. (more…)

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