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September 6, 2008

The Trip Home and Recap

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Nick, after trying to rid the West of burrowing  rodents

Nick, after trying to rid the West of burrowing rodents

Berry and Bill left early on Monday morning and made it back to the Bay around 4 pm. I dropped Becky off at the airport at 5 am so she could fly to Boston. Nick and I had a later departure than planned due to a hitch malfunction. On the road, we passed an Airstream trailer with a load of mountain bikes heading North, maintaining in the Universe. We made it back shortly before midnight to find little traffic to impede the trailer parking.



Vancouver to Westfir

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Lion's Gate Bridge at night

Monday was moving day with Nick and I rolling out of the RV park in Vancouver to head south to the Oakridge Oregon area for Stage 2 of the northern assaults. Expecting a long delay at the border, I stopped at Nando’s in White Rock for lunch. The extra hot chicken was excellent and approached thermonuclear. This is about as extreme as the day got unless you count sudden lane changes in Seattle traffic. You know the food was going to be hot when they look at you funny when you order it and ask for an organ donor card at the same time. The chicken was delivered to the table along with a large bottle of the hot sauce, just in case the chicken needed its dial turned to 11. The bottle of hot (more…)

Vancouver, Seventh Secret and Leppard

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The Crew, still ragged from yesterday’s epic, awoke to see a strange and unusual yellow disk in the sky that was emitting heat. It took us awhile, but we finally realized that the disk was the Sun in a clear sky. We hadn’t seen it for a while. (more…)

September 5, 2008

Vancouver, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin and Severed Dick

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Pure Tube

Pure Tube

After the forced day off, we were all ready for a ride. We got ready earlier and headed out, under partly cloudy but dry conditions. Our target for the day was Mt. Seymour, the other big mountain biking area in the North Shore of Vancouver. When we arrived at the base of Mt. Seymour, it was raining steadily. We found that the Cove Bikes store at the base was no longer there. In fact, the building was gone. In the shopping area across the street we found another shop, Different Bikes, and went in to get trail information.

The folks at the bike shop gave us some routes to consider that would work in the rain. One route included Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, a famous Mt. Seymour Trail. Another route included Severed Dick or, potentially, (more…)

Vancouver, Seventh Secret and Pipeline

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In the morning, we tried to call the The Stump to make plans for the day, but he was soon out of cell minutes. Becky suspects the 1-900-BDY-ARMR number The Stump picked up in Whistler might have (more…)

Squamish to Vancouver

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Squamish hillside above Dryden Creek Resort

Squamish hillside above Dryden Creek Resort

After being rained out the previous day (except for Josh “Pure Tube” Moore who managed a loop in the wet), we were all looking for a good ride in Vancouver. The plan was to move early in the day and ride Mt. Fromme in North Vancouver in the afternoon. Plans changed quickly when we turned on the news to find that a massive landslide with boulders the size of Airstream trailers had closed the main artery from Vancouver to Squamish—the Sea to Sky Highway. Estimates were running days for the slide to be removed and our time was up at Dryden Creek so we had to go to Vancouver the back way.

“The back way” involved going north through Pemberton and heading across the spectacularly scenic mountain passes (more…)

Squamish, The Cult of the Trail Builders

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It was bound to happen and Tuesday it did. We got rained out. A steady rain all day kept us in doors, on a forced rest day. The locals laugh at us fair weather Californians who don’t want to ride when it’s wet, particularly over the roots that are so common here. (more…)

September 4, 2008

Squamish, Powersmart

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With clear and sunny skies, we were looking for a big ride today. We stopped by Republic Bike Shop to clarify the rides in Diamond Head area of the Garibaldi Provincial Park area as both the Tantalus and (more…)

Squamish , The Plunge

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Sunday started anything but sunny with a drizzly rain that turned to a steady shower. Just when we had written the day off for riding and were running many errands, the weather started to clear and, by late afternoon, we were ready for a short ride.

We visited Corsa Bike shop, towards the southern end of Squamish, for some trail information. We talked to a younger guy who worked there and told him what we had ridden so far and what we liked so he’d be able to understand our level and guide us better. When we mentioned that we really liked Mark My Words, he said that was one of his favorites, too, though he thought that might be because the father of one of his riding buddies built it. It felt like a brush with fame. (more…)

Squamish, Plural of Nemesis

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The day started with a trip to the bike shop to remove Becky’s broken derailleur hanger that had somehow become fused to her derailleur. With a few Eh’s, and You betcha’s, her bike was fixed and ready to go. The guys at Tantalus also had some trail suggestions and (more…)

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