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April 18, 2019

Slovenia: Ljubljana, Street Art

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It is this piece that triggered the concerns of the Floridians.

During our visit to Ljubljana Slovenia we went on an English language walking tour through the old town. Joining the group were a couple of Brits, a pair of sisters from Tijuana, and several Americans. At one point the guide stopped to provide background about the place we were standing. One American on the tour, from Florida, asked a question about a piece of street art visible on a semi-abandoned building.
“Are their gangs Ljubljana?” he asked, clearly now feeling less safe in an otherwise very safe place.

The guide explained that there are no gangs. And if you see shoes hanging from the overhead wires it doesn’t mean that someone is selling drugs. It seemed like the guide had fielded similar questions before.

I guess Becky and I live in a different world. We looked at the work on the wall and had seen an interesting complex piece of art that had clearly been allowed to be by the owner’s of the building. To us it wasn’t graffiti; it was art. We found it more appealing than many of the pieces that of art that we had seen in Zagreb’s contemporary art museum.

It was striking how fearful of the world some people are. I think that’s a big part what is going on in the world these days.

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Becky and I responded to the incident by doing what we planned on doing already: We went out to hunt down street art. Our first stop was Metelkova mesto, an alternative culture center that developed from a squat in a former army barracks. If you’ve been to Copenhagen, Metelkova mesto is a little like Christiania. If our fellow American on the tour thought that the pristine historical district of Ljubljana with a touch of art on one wall was a little frightening, the sketchier looking Metelkova mesto would have been an absolute terror. Not that it was, at all.


We took the risk to see Ljubljana’s street art during our visiting in 2018.

Becky displays her wings: Truly scary public art!


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