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March 21, 2019

Slovakia: Bratislava, A Dog with a View

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Soon after we arrived in Bratislava Gigi was at the window checking out the street scene.

Since she was a small pup Gigi has traveled together with us. Indeed the first weekend after she picked us to be her humans we took her to Healdsburg California for the weekend. There she discovered the joys of hotel elevators, stairs, and left over food service trays in the halls. Each was a big adventure. Each remains a pleasure today.

Gigi’s traveling days continued from there. And as we crossed from the Czech Republic to Slovakia Gigi reached her 16th country. She’s been to more countries than many people we know.

Gigi still loves the experience of a new hotel. Hallways with room service trays waiting to be picked up are still the best. When we walk down a street of a new city Gigi expects to go into every hotel we pass.

She’s also acquired an affinity for public transportation. After learning to ride the Tube in London, she’s also keen to go into every metro station we pass. Gigi has acquired some unusual dog hobbies.

Gigi gives Čumil the all-important sniff test.

There is one thing that Gigi does not like about traveling: Airline flights. She’s willing to enter her airline travel palace before it is taken to the aircraft’s hold, but she is very nervous. It’s hard to say how she does during the flight and whether she is able to sleep once the plane settles at its cruising altitude. All we know is she complains bitterly about the service in the hold. She tells us that the steward’s cart never comes by.

Over time Gigi has developed certain expectations. She figures that when we arrive in a new city and reach our room she will get feed. After she’s eaten she expects that we will immediately take her out to check out the city. She is rather insistent about it. Becky and I might be thinking that we are going out for a beer, food, or a walk to see the sights, but Gigi thinks were going out so she can leave her mark on another new place. Traveling with Gigi is all about the dog.

A bored dog looks on while her humans do weird human things.

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