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September 26, 2017

Sicily: Palermo Street Art

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I gather that ENNE_ink is a tattoo artist.

Conditions in Palermo are ideal for street art. The city is large enough to support an art scene. At the same time, it is poor enough that the municipality can’t afford to remove every mark the walls that appears. Indeed, building owners sometimes solicit street art. It can be an improvement over the urban decay.

Street art is not curated, at least not in the usual sense. There’s no expert to preselect the best pieces. Nor is there a printed description posted on the side that explains the history of each work. The art is not displayed in carefully chosen frames on pure white walls with spot lighting. At its best street art blends into its environment.

Fashion meets street art.

It is left to the cities, building owners, and other artists to decide if each piece of work should stay or go. These are the true curators of street art. As a consequence, passing pedestrians are left to decide if the volunteer decorations on the streets are worthy of being called art. In a museum, art is defined for the visitors. On the streets, the decision of what constitutes art is left to the passersby.

Al Pacino: The town of Corleone, featured in the Godfather, is about 60 km from Palermo.

More fish and bicycles


The last three pieces are by the Italian street artist HOPNN.


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  1. I didn’t notice any of these when I had gone in 2016. Great shots

    Comment by Ishita — September 26, 2017 @ 9:44 am

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