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July 8, 2017

Sicily: Viadotto Guerrieri

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One of Sicily’s many road viaducts

As we left Modica Sicily last December we passed under a high viaduct. Pulling to rental car to the side of the road, we paused to take a few pictures. Latter, with a little research, we learned that we were looking at Viadotto Guerrieri, one of the oldest and highest viaducts in Italy. Completed in 1968 at a height of 394 feet it is notable even in a country that is quite fond of spectacles of civil engineer.

Modica and the surrounding area were heavily damaged in an earthquake in 1693. One has to wonder how well Viadotto Guerrieri will survive in a future earthquake. Even in the absence of natural disasters, Italy struggles to maintain its road infrastructure. As of 2015 Italian road engineers have constructed 240 viaducts one kilometer or longer. The road bridges are impressive from the seat of a car or when viewed from the distance. Unfortunately, many of viaducts, particularly those in Sicily, are sorely in need of repair. Decades of construction have left an overwhelming legacy of maintenance.

Viadotto Guerrieri high above

Viadotto Guerrieri

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