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January 27, 2016

France: Châtillon-sur-Loire


The Briare Aqueduct carries the Canal lateral à la Loire over the Loire River. On the southwestern side of the river, the canal turns to the southeast and about five kilometers later arrives in Châtillon-sur-Loire.

France has numerous communes like Châtillon-sur-Loire. It seems everywhere we turn there is another atmospheric small town with its important place in history. Traveling by car or train, places like Châtillon-sur-Loire are easily passed by. There’s not enough to draw a fast moving visitor in. But when pace is slower, as it is when we creep along the canals in Wanderlust, Frances small towns become the featured attractions.

"La Petite Fille a la Robe Verte"

“La Petite Fille a la Robe Verte”


Each small town is unique. Each has it own attractions. Châtillon-sur-Loire has the historic buildings and the remains of a medieval street plan as expected. It also has a surprise. As you walk through the streets of Châtillon-sur-Loire you discover street art celebrating the town’s history. There’s no predictable pattern to where the art is located. It just pops up unexpectedly. Châtillon-sur-Loire art is another good reason to stop in for a visit.

Châtillon-sur-Loire's bridge over the Loire River

Châtillon-sur-Loire’s bridge over the Loire River

"La Petite Fille a la Robe Verte" and "Robert Louis Stevenson"

"Robert Louis Stevenson"

“Robert Louis Stevenson”



"Cafe Berneau"

“Cafe Berneau”



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    Comment by Olivier — June 8, 2020 @ 7:04 pm

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