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December 23, 2014

London: Leadenhall Market

Inside Leadenhall Market

Inside Leadenhall Market

Occupying a covered space between the buildings in the City of London, it is easy to walk by the historic Leadenhall Market and not notice it is there. In fact, it was easy enough for us to miss it when we knew it was there. Chalk it up to a bad navigation day. With the signs pointing the direction and a map in hand, it should have been easy enough to find.

We headed to Leadenhall Market hoping to buy ingredients for the evening’s dinner. Leadenhall Market was originally a meat, game, and poultry market. Inside the Victorian interior the hooks where meat was once hung and displayed remain in place. Unfortunately for us, aside from a good butcher, Leadenhall is no longer much of a food market. Today, instead of the food stands, atmospheric pubs, restaurants, and retail shops occupy the market space. The pubs popular and are packed after work.

Though it might not be a great place to shop for dinner, the market with its ornate facades dating from the 19th Century is worth searching out. It is a good place to sit, have a beer, and let your eyes explore the scene.

An alley of suspended books

An alley of suspended books



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