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December 16, 2014

England: London, the Statue of Emperor Trajan


Curiously there’s a statue of the Roman emperor Trajan near the Tower Hill Tube Station in London. The statue stands in front of one of the remaining sections of Londonium’s wall. It is believed that the Romans constructed the wall in the early part of the 3rd Century many years after Trajan’s death. Other than their current juxtaposition, there’s no particular link between the Roman wall and the statue of Trajan.

Even the source of Trajan’s effigy is also a bit of a mystery. Legend has it that the statue was discovered in a scrap yard by a vicar in Southampton. Undoubtedly there’s another legend for why the vicar’s junkyard discovery ended up in front of a Tube station but I have not yet uncovered it. Not that any of this really matters. The statue is much enjoyed. It is a popular place to take pictures.

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