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November 13, 2013

England: Summer Flowers

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DSC_5505-Edit-Edit-Edit-EditWe arrived in the English Midlands in the middle of May (2013). Coming directly from California, we naïvely expected we’d land at the start of the English summer. We were so wrong.

The Midlands does not enjoy the Mediterranean climate that we’ve grown to expect on the west coast. Well into June, it was rainy and cold. Periodically the sun would emerge from the clouds, decide that the pale-skinned residents weren’t ready, and disappear for another week. If the temperatures squeaked above 60 degrees the mistake was quickly identified and it was soon back in the forties. It was if we’d taken our worst Californian winter weather with us to England for the summer. We longed to see the sun.

DSC_8997-Edit-Edit-Edit-EditEventually the cold and wet broke. Somewhere in July it was finally certain that we were experiencing a true English summer. The same locals who told just how bad the weather had been in spring were equally quick to tell us just how nice this summer was. By all reports, the 2013’s English summer was well above the recent average.

The warm weather and sun brought the flora to life. Flowers that seemed impossible two months ago were in full bloom. Their blooms celebrated summer and we celebrated along with them. It turned out that Britain does have a season other than winter, thankfully.







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  1. [ Smiles ] Your collection of flowers are quite beautiful!

    Comment by Renard Moreau — November 13, 2013 @ 9:48 pm

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