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January 31, 2013

England: Crewe Hall

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Needing a place to stay near Biddulph in the “Midlands” of England we discovered Crewe Hall.  Crewe Hall is an historic mansion ten minutes to the east of Crewe in Cheshire.  Today the mansion, with some modern additions, functions as a hotel.  Not thinking much beyond the hotel’s permissive pet policy, we made plans to stay booking a room at a discount rate.  We were in for a surprise when we arrived.



Crewe Hall is accessed from Weston Road.  Easing off the highway we turned onto a long drive that splits the lawn and garden buffering the grand estate from the masses.  At the end of the driveway Crewe Hall is in view.  Crewe Hall’s carefully crafted red brick exterior defines stately manor.  They don’t build houses (or hotels) like this any more.

Outside Crewe Hall’s grounds and the facades are impressive.  But even more remarkable is the richly decorated interior.  Our favorite area was the main hall.  The main hall features elaborate ornately detailed woodwork arcades surrounding a central marble fireplace.  It’s the type of place that takes you back to the time when a smoking jacket was a necessary part of the wardrobe.  Crewe Hall feels like the backdrop for an historical movie.

We learned later that Crewe Hall is a grand 17th Century Jacobean mansion with a rich past.  It has been called one of the two finest Jacobean houses in Cheshire.  For us Crewe Hall, particularly on the inside, would be worth paying to see.  Nevertheless the grand old building didn’t impress an important member of our group, Gigi.  Gigi preferred the modern hotel wing with its endless hallways with new people and smells behind each door.  Not that we look to Gigi for reviews of historic buildings.  She is, after all, a dog.

Crewe Hall

Crewe Hall

Inside the main hall

Inside the main hall




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  1. Thank you so much for posting these lovely photos of Crewe Hall. My 12 x great-grandfather Sir Randolph Crewe built it. I cannot wait to visit the UK again and stay there, I’m sure it will be an overwhelming experience.


    Rachel Loosemore
    Brisbane, Australia

    Comment by brisgirl — July 18, 2015 @ 5:36 am

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