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December 7, 2012

Spain: Padrón

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Though a statue honors the local pepper sellers, we found it hard to find pimentos de Padrón in Padrón.

Though a statue honors the local pepper sellers, we found it hard to find pimentos de Padrón in Padrón.

Since our first visit to Northern Spain we’ve had a strong affinity for pimentos de Padrón.  These some times spicy little green peppers are addictive; our cravings have led to clinical DSC_9708-Edit-Edit-Editsymptoms of pepper seeking behavior.  We search pintxos bars and farmer’s markets around the world to find our next dose.  It was just a matter of time before we headed to the source, Padrón Spain.

In truth this was not the best time for a pepper pilgrimage.  Rain, heavy at times, accompanied us south from Santiago de Compostela.  (Contrary to My Fair Lady, the rain in Spain does not stay mainly in the plains.)  Further, we were at the bitter edge of the pepper-growing season.  Not only was the weather bad but also the peppers were far from prime.  Still addicts like us have to do what they have to do.

In Padrón we searched the streets for a place where we could sample the town’s namesake peppers.  Eventually we found a single open restaurante offering pimentos de Padrón.  In Spain our dog Gigi was not allowed inside.  Gigi stood tethered to the leash as we ate our peppers outside in the drizzle.

The peppers were uninspiring, bland and tired.  It just wasn’t the right time of year.  Our pilgrimage to the source of the peppers that we love was complete but it was far from a religious experience.

A plateful of peppers

A plateful of peppers


A helpful local keeps an eye on Gigi

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