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December 2, 2012

Spain: Lugo

The Roman Walls of Lugo

The Roman Walls of Lugo

On the way from Oviedo to Santiago de Compostela we stopped in Lugo to see the walls.  Though we can stare at walls pretty much anywhere, Lugo’s walls aren’t just any walls.

The walls of Lugo were built in the later part of the 3rd century to defend the Roman town of Lucus.  Today the entire circuit of fortifications survives and completely encloses Lugo’s old town.  It is considered to be the finest example of late Roman fortifications in Western Europe.  The Roman Walls of Lugo are designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Lugo’s fortifications functioned in the past but today they’re woefully ineffective against the onslaught of a modern tourist.  In the Grand Kangoo, we drove through wall with no resistance; parking was far more difficult.

Catedral de Santa María

Catedral de Santa María


On foot, with our pooch Gigi, we climbed the steps and circled Lugo’s center on top of the massive walls.  Becky and I felt the Roman walls are impressive.  Gigi had a different view; she didn’t care much about the history of the walls but she thinks that the Spanish boy dogs leave a stylish scent.

The downside of walking the walls is that we didn’t have much time to see what’s inside.  A full discovery of Lugo will have to wait for a future visit.  At least we had a chance to see the cathedral, Catedral de Santa María, which sits near the walls on the southwest side of the city.  Inside the church the altarpiece is large, elaborate, and striking.

Soon enough we were back in the Kangoo and heading to Santiago.  There might even be enough time for another stop on the way.

Street art in Lugo:  Riding a chariot and the Unabomber

Street art in Lugo: Riding a chariot and the Unabomber


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