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December 18, 2011

Bangkok: Tuk Tuk Thrill Rides

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In Bangkok the tuk tuks are three-wheeled open-air rocket ships decorated like the interior of Latin American discothèques and driven by want-to-be Formula One pilots.  Drivers are capable of double-digit numbers of moving violations in even the shortest of hops.  No traffic law is left unviolated.  The lights blur by in a cloud of two-cycle smoke as the drivers take short cuts straight out of a James Bond movie.

At the beginning of the ride, customers negotiate a price with the driver.  We always paid too much; at least we think we did.  I’d guess that most tourists pay more than they need too.  Still, when reached our destination with fully depleted adrenal glands, the four bucks we paid for the E-ticket thrill ride seemed a bargain.  Now that we back home we are missing our nightly near death experience on Bangkok’s streets.  Tuk tuk rides are addictive.

A typical Bangkok tuk tuk


  1. How awesome would it be to cruise the streets of Belmont in one of these? And in the city for that matter. I think it would be super awesome! Not sure how price negotiating would go if you wanted to make a business out of it…

    Comment by Paul Edward Kosloski — December 20, 2011 @ 6:07 am

  2. […] of moving violations in a single tuk tuk ride.  And perhaps this was egging him on.  Indeed, the tuk tuk thrill ride was more fun than it deserved to be.  It would be the new best ride at your local amusement […]

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  3. […] tuk rides were unavoidable.  Tuk tuks remained our primary means of transportation.  Besides the open-air thrill rides in the three-wheeled go carts are just flat addictive.  A nightly jolt of full throttle open-air […]

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