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May 10, 2011

Fruita: Kessel Run in the Infrared

Gigi digs Kessel Run (all pictures are color infrared)

Gigi needs to run.  Being cooped up in the truck and trailer is as trying for a young pooch as it is for humans.  We’d like to take Gigi out on the trail

Grrreta in downtown Fruita

with the bikes but she is young and still growing.  Serious mileage is challenging physically for a developing pup.  So we compromise with short, carefully paced training rides.  We try to keep the speed and the distance down.Shortly after our arrival in Fruita, we took Gigi out for a short ride on Kessel Run in the Bookcliffs.  For Gigi’s sake we’d go slow on the downhill run on this Hot Wheels track of a mountain biking trail.  It would be hard to do.  Kessel Run swoops back forth through the drainage urging bikers to go faster.  Few trails flow and roll better than Kessel Run.

In the end the plan worked.  We restrained ourselves and Gigi got to torque her turbos enough to tire her out for two or three hours.  Dogs love bikes.  Bikes are the great equalizer.  Hopefully our ride was a small step in the trail dog training of the wonder pooch.

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