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April 28, 2011

National Parks: An Arches Drive By

Approaching The Windows (color infrared)

There’s more to Arches National Park than Delicate Arch.  You’ll have to trust me on that one.  Though we’ve tramped most of the short hikes off the main road, this year we didn’t revisit many of the areas of the park that we’ve already seen.  Nor did we transit the miles of backcountry roads that Arches has to offer.  The dirt roads look intriguing on the map for sure.  Still, we know from past visits that the scenic hikes from the Devil’s Garden Trailhead and the Windows Section are more than worth the effort.

Balanced Rock (color infrared)

This time, for a short end of the day visit, we stuck to the road.  There’s plenty to seen in Arches on a mere two-hour drive through.  Arches National Park is dense with views.

Arches is one of my favorite National Parks.  It was one of the first parks I visited.  In fact, long ago when I first visited, Arches was a National Monument and not yet a National Park.  (Arches changed from being a National Monument to a National Park in 1971.)

Even after all these years the red rock landscapes still fascinate.  Arches defined much of my personal image of what National Parks should be.  To this day, Arches remains for me as a standard of comparison for other National Parks.

Plenty of sights can be seen on a two-hour drive by viewing.  And if you have been to Arches before, the rekindled recollections draw in so much more.  Memories here, like all memories, are added to and never replaced.

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