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April 24, 2011

Moab: Slickrock Trail, the Practice Loop

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In all the times we’ve been to Moab and ridden the ever-popular Slickrock Trail, we never managed to add in the Practice Loop.  Two miles in length, this loop sits near the parking lot fused to the handle of the lollypop trail that is the Main Loop.  The Practice Loop can be done separately or in combination with the Main Loop.  We figured we’d give this option a try mainly so our pooch would get a rehearsal for serious trail time.  That was the plan at least.  The plan didn’t work out well at all.

Perhaps it was a sign of things to come; Gigi would have nothing to do with her paw booties.  It was a short ride anyway so we thought we’d give the loop a go without Gigi’s boots.  Soon the Bordachinhuahua Terrier was off on the slickrock like she had been shot out of a cannon.  It took us about two minutes to realize that a full speed maniacal pup skidding about on the slickrock was not a good idea.  So for Gigi, it was time to return to the truck, at least if we could catch up to her.  With a young developing pup it is best to be safe.

With Gigi finally back in the truck, we headed to the Practice Loop on our own.  I guess you could call the Practice Loop practice if you figure that running a quarter mile is a rehearsal for running a mile.  There really little difference in the trails other than the length and the ease of bail out.  Like Slickrock Trail proper, it’s scenic and fun.  It is a little too short to be a real ride; combine it with the Main Loop for a meaty ride.

Our loop was short.  We were back at the truck in about 25 minutes.  We found Gigi was dead asleep in the car.  She had no idea what she missed.

More pictures from our rides in Moab are on Picasa.

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