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April 7, 2011

Sedona in the Infrared

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Gigi strikes a a dog show pose

Sedona Arizona is a very photogenic place.  For sure you’ve seen many pictures of the spectacular red rocks in the area.  And the swarms of people and their cameras assure that you’ll see plenty more digital images of the red rock paradise.  Sedona is a super model of the outdoor world.

This time I’ll spare you the standard red rock pictures, at least mostly.  I focused my required Sedona photography time taking pictures in the infrared. Ever wondered what Sedona would look like in the infrared?  Why would you?  It is the type of question that only someone justifying the acquisition of an IR sensitive camera would ponder.  But if you could see in the infrared, how would Sedona look?  It would look different, for sure.  Perhaps not exactly like in these pictures, but maybe not too far off.  Either way, in the visible light or in the infrared, Sedona is a spectacular place.

The full Sedona picture set has been uploaded to Picasa. There’s also a set with our guest model, Gigi.  This dog does not look as sweet in the infrared, for sure.

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