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November 3, 2010

National Parks: Yellowstone Mountain Biking

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Becky rides the Upper Geyser Basin's artificial build-ups

Did you know that you can mountain bike single-track trail in Yellowstone National Park?  Well you can, sort of.


Becky and I first took the bikes out in Yellowstone when we rode out to Lone Star Geyser.  The “trail” to the geyser is really a grown in road, sometimes gravel, sometimes paved, and occasionally single-track.  Not much in terms of a mountain biking trail, but it is much more convenient to bike the five mile out and back to see the geyser than hike.  Lone Star erupts relatively frequently, every couple of hours, but there’s no posted estimate on the next eruption time.  When we went out on our bikes we found the geyser had just erupted.  There was no sense waiting for the next eruption, so we turn turned the bikes around and were at the car in about 15 minutes.  On foot the round trip to the geyser would have taken about 2 hours and we still wouldn’t have seen the geyser erupt.

The Lone Star Geyser log book

We also rode the bikes from Biscuit Basin to the Riverside Geyser on Black Sand Basin Trail.  Though pacified with gravel, the trail was actual single-track.  The bikes were a mighty convenient way to get around.

It is too bad that there aren’t more options like this in Yellowstone.  The terrain in the park is relatively level.  Bikes would be a good option for touring the near backcountry.  Besides, bikes would minimize the impact of humans in the wilderness, as the trails would be transited more rapidly and there’d be less time spent in the backcountry.  There’d be no need to tease the bears with an overnight stay when you can easily make it out and back in a single day.  Certainly not all the trails in Yellowstone should be bike accessible.  But maybe more should be.

Lone Star Geyser

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