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September 5, 2010

Rossland: KC Ridge and more

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Padding up at the top of KC Ridge

It rains a lot in Rossland.  We don’t know that as a statistical fact, but, for our first few days, every time we headed out for a ride, the rains came.  The day before, we started our ride with a light spiting rain.  Soon the torrent began.  We had to turn back.  It was only the end of August but it felt like fall was starting early.  Indeed, the locals said that the weather was unseasonably cool.  But I guess it is fair.  We spent the better part of last month in the North Shore hoping for a rain out and cool weather.

Sometimes it rains in Rossland

Eventually the skies cleared enough to head for another loop ride in the Kootenay-Columbia area just up the hill overlooking Rossland proper.  For the Rosslandites, this is their neighborhood ride.  Out of your door, you can do whatever length ride you want after work.  It must be nice.

For us, our not-after-work ride looked something like this: Kootenay-Columbia–> KC Ridge–> Pale Ale (This was not on the map, we learned the name from another rider)–> Milky Way–> Green Door–>  Rogers–> Cemetery.  Somehow it seems that every ride for us in Rossland ends in the cemetery.  There’s nothing like cutting out the middleman.

Along the way, a required rain squall passed through making the trail slick in the open areas.  But it was no big deal.  We finished the ride by climbing a dirt road, Wagon Road, and the tedious city streets that took us back up to Lion’s Campground.

By the time we reached the trailer, our ride had taken well over 3 hours.  Gone was our plan to conserve energy with a short exploratory ride before the next day’s Seven Summits epic.  The Seven Summits Trail was certain to take us to the limit.  Tomorrow our tanks would have to start a little less full than they might have been.

Our day’s route is a good one but not destination worthy loop in itself.  There’s plenty in the region draw you in from far away for the mountain biking.  Loops like this one aren’t the main event.  Consider it an excellent side dish.  Or maybe it’s just a tasty appetizer for tomorrow’s singletrack feast.

Becky seems to think that KC Ridge is so easy that she can ride it with her eyes closed


All of the trails are relatively short, in the 1 to 3 kilometer range.  A little more about each trail:

Milky Way's a blast


A narrow repurposed mining era road/wide singletrack trail under the canopy that makes for an easy climb.

KC Ridge:

I think this was the only advanced rated trail on our loop.  The tread is narrow and shale-strewn as it switchbacks down the face of a hill.   It is technical in the loose and rocky sense and very different than most of the riding in the area.  There’s a good view of Rossland from the top.

Pale Ale:

An off the map trail that winds down the hill on a steepish, loamy tread that is dark underneath the forest canopy.  Occasional smooth rock features appear along the way together with some optional jumps.  This is a fun trail.

Milky Way/Rogers:

Further down the hillside, these trails travel fast on a loamy tread under the trees and through the occasional aspen lined open meadow.  Milky Way is gently descending and Rogers functions as a traverse back to town.

More pictures for the ride are on Picasa.

Heading back on Rogers

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  1. Hi,
    What digital camerca + type of lens do you use?
    Love the pictures (just finished reading your report on El Celler de Can Roca, and
    I wish I had a similar camera for my restaurant / food pics)

    Comment by S Lloyd — September 8, 2010 @ 12:20 am

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