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August 26, 2010

North Vancouver: CBC and Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, kind of.

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The long exit log on Mt. Seymour's CBC trail

After a day lost to rain, Val shuttled Scott, Thermo, and myself to the top of CBC.  CBC is a full-faced helmet and full body armor type of trail.  Not that CBC is over-the-top hard.  The main line, with a couple exceptions, does not require extraordinary skills.  But CBC is committing and unforgiving.  It is easy enough to go off the bike.  And if you do, there are few soft landings.  You won’t hit dirt; you will hit rock.  A fall on CBC will leave a mark, a big mark.

A local rider shows how to finish on CBC's exit log. This is a committing maneuver.

There was a problem for me on this drop.  My full-faced helmet twisted my eyeglasses on my face.  I had a choice.  Wear the helmet and forgo seeing the trail or ride down without a helmet.  Neither of these options is particularly appealing.  Tail tucked, I headed down the trail fast skipping the sections where seeing what I was doing really mattered.  Every stop I tried fixing my glasses.  It didn’t work.  Oh, well.  At least Thermo and Scott had a good trip down CBC.  But you’ll have to get the details from them.

I exited and headed for the truck at the bottom of CBC leaving Thermo and Scott to continue down Corkscrew.  Their Corkscrew visit was short lived.  Scott’s derailleur broke near the top and ended his North Shore riding for the year.  Becky and Scott followed me down the hill.

Sometimes a bike ride doesn’t feel like a bike ride.

The entrance of Espresso at Mt. Fromme has no rideable alternatives. It's up and over onto a steep ladder.

The following day, Scott, Val, Ainsley, and Lucy departed for home.  Thermo and I headed back up to Mt. Seymour for revenge of sorts.  (The full-faced helmet was left in detention back at the trailer.)  This time we climbed Old Buck and Baden-Powell to a pounding run down Ned’s Atomic Dustbin.

Scott takes an alternative line on one of CBC's granite boulders

Ned’s is pure Old School.  Largely consisting of an adopted skid road, the trail’s tread is mostly rock, either preexisting or from the armoring.   As usual, Ned’s is best served fast as you can manage so the step-drops pass quickly.  It is a good trail to fully understand your bikes suspension inadequacies.

At the bottom, we rolled Bridal Path back to the car.  Bridal Path may be a blue square intermediate connector trail on the map, but if I lived in the neighborhood, I’d ride this one for a challenge.  Besides, I can definitely use the practice.

(More pictures from these rides are here (CBC) and here (Ned’s).  There’ll be no account, but pictures for our excursions to the frothy top of Espresso, Crinkum-Crankum, Kirkford, and Griffin at Mt. Fromme can also be found on Picasa.)

Scott up high on CBC's early rollercoaster build-up


  1. […] wide and a mere 18 inches off of the ground.  Becky and I couldn’t help but imagine what the CBC Trail in North Vancouverwould look like if similar signage was required.  There’d be a fluorescent warning sign every […]

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  2. Great blog! Great pix! Question: do you have have some type of government grant or are you independently wealthy? found your blog researching Squamish trails and see you have travelled the world; good on you!

    Comment by rafael — April 11, 2011 @ 12:50 am

    • No government grant but I’d like to have one. We are retired and do travel a lot. BTW, the trails in Squamish are our favorites.

      Comment by anotherheader — April 11, 2011 @ 2:28 am

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