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August 19, 2010

Squamish: Entrails, Icy Hole of Death

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How exactly do you pronounce "7"?

It rained in the morning.  Rain is hardly uncommon in Squamish but it caught us by surprise.  We hadn’t seen precipitation coming in the weather forecasts.  The rain didn’t last long.  In the early afternoon we saddled up and we headed out to the Garibaldi Highlands to ride a favorite, Entrails.  (For more about Entrails, check the report from 2009.)

Thermo navigates the wet roots on Entrails

Though the trail conditions up to the trailhead were generally dry, on Entrails the conditions were slick wet.  That was not good for us.  A dry Entrails is a tough challenge.  When the frequent roots are wet, the trail is more than we can handle.  We lack the technique, confidence, and experience to ride slippery roots.  The wet lasted a short distance.  Down lower the conditions dried out and the mojo was back.

We had heard that there is a new trail splitting off of Entrails.  This we had to check out.  The terrain in Entrail’s area of the Garibaldi Highlands has allowed the construction of some of our favorite trails anywhere.  Anything new in the vicinity is a must see.  Indeed, coming off to the right on the lower half of Entrails is a new alignment.  The new tread functions as a reroute.  Typically well constructed, the bypass is a tricky fun drop.

The Entrails’ reconfiguration is not unique.  Signs of recent trail work are everywhere in Squamish.  Canadian economic stimulus funding has provided grants trail improvement in the region.  For us, new biking trails in Squamish are a good reason for a visit.  Maybe stimulus funding does work.

Beautiful new bridge work on the recent reroute of Entrails

Past Entrails, we connected on a familiar route through Icy Hole of Death and Brakentrail.  Brakentrail put us in a local neighborhood a short distance from our base at Dryden Creek Resort.

I’ve said before that I think Squamish may have the best mountain biking trail network anywhere.  My mind has not changed.  The trails here are truly amazing.

More pictures are on Picasa.

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