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August 19, 2010

Squamish: Mount Crumpit

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Knobs comes into view in Valleycliffe

At the start our Squamish stay we had planned to participate in the “Beyond the Valleycliffe of the Dolls” (“BVOD”) event on Saturday.  This “ride-in,” we had been told, is a good way to learn about the complex web of trails in the Valleycliffe and Mount Crumpit areas.  The Valleycliffe area, as we understand it, is where Squamish mountain biking started.

When we transferred from Whistler to Squamish on Friday, the weather forecasters were predicting rain on Saturday.  This time the forecast was correct.  We woke to a light rain that soon turned heavy.  I’m positive that the rain didn’t keep most of the locals away.  They are used to it.  The rain did dissuade us from riding.  We struggle when the roots are wet.

Our personal rainout left a dilemma on how to explore the trails in the Valleycliffe/Mount Crumpit area.  Later in the week, when the trails had a chance to dry, we had an opportunity and a plan.  Our idea was simple.  We would find the BVOD/SORCA labeled route and follow the worn track around the area.  How could we go wrong?


The plan worked well enough.  There were easy enough climbs and good descents as the worn track twisted through the lush ferny undergrowth.  It was a fun ride.  On the Squamish scale, the route was mildly challenging with a few rocky drops and only the necessary build-ups.  Thermo, Knobs, and I all agreed that there was much more to explore in the area.

There was one problem with follow the BVOD route approach–we are not entirely certain of what trails we traveled.  Looking on the map, I’d guess that our route looked something like S&M Connector–>Sweeter than Barry–>Lost Loop (passing by the Really Lost Loop)–>Meet Your Maker–>connector road–>Three Virgins–>Seven Stitches–>unknown trails–>Endo.  But if I look a little closer, there are portions of this route that don’t quite fit together on the map.  The frequent trail junctions are only occasionally marked.  And it wouldn’t be the first time that sweet new trails appear in Squamish before updated version of the map comes out.  I guess our day’s ride obviates further recon.

We’ve heard that the Valleycliffe area has extensive exotic whaleback granite outcrops near its top.  Our short excursion hadn’t given us much of a chance to find these premium riding spots.  Given that Thermo and my toes start quivering when “whaleback” and “granite” are used in the same sentence, there has to be a return to Valleycliffe.  We’re not sure about the dolls, but it doesn’t seem that we are beyond the Valleycliffe.

This time, Knobs is not in Valleycliffe

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