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April 23, 2010


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Fresh Guacamole, though the chips were a little soggy.

On Thursday the torrential desert downpour finally cleared enough to give us a crack at a ride.  Choosing a trail to ride was tricky.  Virgin had received half a months of April rain since our arrival two days ago.  The trails could be gooey and, more importantly, some of the roads were likely impassable quagmires.  Add to that the threat of more heavy rains with a short dry window to ride and our choices were limited.  We chose Guacamole Trail, a shorter mesa ride near our campground.

Becky near the rim on the stem of the lollipop

Up the wet but passable Dalton Wash Road to the top of the mesa, we were ready to ride.  Laying fresh tracks on Guacamole as the first riders on the trail after the rains, we headed out on the stem of the “lolli-pop” trail.  Guacamole combines short stretches of dirt that link the challenging slick rock segments.  This year, the trail was better marked with cairns, though we inevitably lost the track at times.  Trail finding is an integral part of the Guacamole ride experience.   With skies threatening rain in three compass directions, we did the loop of the lollipop in both directions.  Fun and technical, it was a good start to our Virgin area rides.  Guac is a little easier than Gooseberry and shorter than Little Creek Mesa making it good for our first ride in the area.  On the way back, we found a couple of short loop options of the stem of the pop that we had either not seen before or were new.  These add just enough to turn Guacamole into a satisfying full day of riding.

Though it threatened all ride, the rain never did come on the mesa.  The reprieve was short lived, though.  Soon after we returned to the campground, the heavy torrents returned.  I guess we timed this day just right.

Guacamole:  A good addition to your Virgin trail diet.

A link that includes trail location information is here.

Push here for an account of a prior visit.

Guac this was to the day’s pictures.

Which way to the exit?

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