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September 4, 2009

Our BC Trails List

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Powersmart in Squamish (photo by Uncle Knobular)
Powersmart in Squamish (photo by Uncle Knobular)

I’m a list oriented individual.  I thought that I’d share my mental spreadsheet of my favorite North Shore Trails.  Now, your mileage may vary, but if you like the types of trails that we do, some of the trails on our list are sure to float your boat.

The  “*” means the trail is one of our all time favorites.

“Hard” and “easy” is relative to the North Shore.  Some of the trails marked “easy” are harder than all the trails in many riding areas.

North Vancouver

Mt. Seymour

    • CBC* (hard)
    • Ned’s Atomic Dustbin*
    • Team Pangor*
    • Pingu*
    • Corkscrew*
    • Severed Dick
    • Bridal Path (easy)
    • Empress Bypass (easy)

Untried but on our Mt. Seymour “to do” list:

    • TNT (Red Shed)
    • C**t Buster

Mt. Fromme

    • Pipeline*
    • Upper Oil Can*
    • Seventh Secret*
    • Leppard*
    • Krickum Krankum /Kirkford*
    • Griffin (Upper and Lower)
    • Ladies Only (very hard, if we could ride it, it would be good)

Untried but on our Mt. Fromme “to do” list:

    • Espresso
    • Grannies
    • Lower Crippler
    • The Executioner
A turn drop on Seventh Secret, Mt. Fromme (photo by Knobs)

A turn drop on Seventh Secret, Mt. Fromme (photo by Knobs)


    • River Runs Through It*
    • Comfortably Numb* (very long)
    • Kill Me Thrill Me*
    • Cheap Thrills* (hard)
    • Lost Lake (easy)
    • Tunnel Vision
    • The Bike Park
    • Cut Yer Bars

Untried but on our Whistler “to do” list:

    • Industrial Disease
    • Khyber Pass—Babylon by Bike—Tunnel Vision
    • Gargamel


    • No Err
    • Freak Boy*
    • Cream Puff
    • Main Vein*
    • Bob Gnarly

Untried but on our Pemberton “to do” list:

    • PhD
    • Lumpy’s and Tower of Power
    • Cop Killer
No Mere Mortal on Cut Yer Bars in Whistler (photo by Uncle Knobular)

No Mere Mortal on Main Vein in Pemberton (photo by Uncle Knobular)


    • Value Added* (hard)
    • Crouching Squirrel Hidden Monkey
    • Plural of Nemesis* (hard)
    • Credit Line*
    • Marc My Word*
    • Entrails*
    • Upper Powersmart*
    • Angry Midget
    • Recycle
    • Pseudotsuga
    • Powerhouse Plunge*
    • Tracks from Hell (easy)
    • Wonderland (easy)
    • Don’t Tell Jude
    • Gouranga (hard)
    • Word of Mouth*  (easy)
    • Hoods in the Woods (easy)

Untried but on our Squamish “to do” list:

    • Cheshire Cat (continuing on to Cheshire Kitten, White Rabbit)
    • Valleycliffe Trails
    • Next year’s new trail!

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