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September 1, 2009

CBC and Ned’s return visit (Ride 25)

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Knobs slips off the long skinny on CBC

Knobs slips off the long skinny on CBC

Knobs was still nursing his hand injury, but acquiesced to a return visit to Mt. Seymour on Friday.  The weather forecasters were predicting rain the coming weekend.  This could be our last chance for dry trails.  Uncle Knobular wasn’t sure how is hand would hold up to the rugged North Vancouver trails.  He took Quiver’s Barcalounger to make things as easy as possible on his joint.



At Mt. Seymour we set a shuttle and headed down CBC on a return visit.  I’d have expected a cleaner run on our second visit to CBC, but it wasn’t the case.  The temporary insanity that over took me the first time down was not easy to reproduce.  This time down I walked some of the sections that I rode but scared myself on the first time.  I had to satisfy myself with rolling a few alternative lines that I had never done.  For Knobs, his hand was limiting what he could do.  It doesn’t matter.  This trail is amazing.  It is the type of trail you could ride over and over and it would still be enjoyable and challenging.  You are a damn good rider if CBC is boring to you.

From the bottom of CBC, we headed over to Ned’s Atomic Dustbin.  This was Knobs first crack at Ned’s for this trip.  With dry conditions and return visits, the steep, step drops and ladders of Ned’s have become much easier for us.  Ned’s Atomic Dustbin now goes by in a blur of intensity.

From Ned’s we took the cutoff trail over to Bridle Path.  We played a bit on the low build-ups on Bridle Path and were still back at the car around three hours after the ride began.  There are some mind-blowing trails in those hills.

Knobs on Ned's Atomic Dustbin

Knobs on Ned's Atomic Dustbin

The following day, North Vancouver’s hills were shrouded in clouds.  It is possible the trails were wet, but it didn’t matter as Knobs’ paw was still barking.  The mitt was still ailing on Sunday forcing us off the bikes again and making our run down CBC and Ned’s our last ride in BC this year.  Cypress Mountain and the unexplored trails at Mt. Seymour and Mt. Fromme will have to wait until our next visit.  It is good to leave some prime cuts untried.  At least that’s what we told ourselves.

Spirit of False Creek on the water in Vancouver

Spirit of False Creek on the water in Vancouver

When planning the trip, we figured that we would ride about two-thirds of the days.  This year we rode 25 days in BC on a trip that spent 37 days across the border.  That is almost exactly the two-thirds ratio that we planned.  We weren’t trying to do that.  It just worked out that way.  The proportion of ride days to off days was good.  We just needed a longer stay.

Pictures, CBC and Ned’s:

Seems about right...

Seems about right...

And pictures from our off day in Vancouver:

Our past visits to Ned’s and CBC:

Granville Island in Vancouver

Granville Island in Vancouver

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