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August 2, 2009

Mt. Seymour’s CBC, Ride 5

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Uncle Knobular rolling some granite on CBC trail at Mt. Seymour

Uncle Knobular rolling some granite on CBC trail at Mt. Seymour

With Becky and Josh, who insists being called “No Mere Mortal,” joining us for Saturday’s ride we headed back to Mt. Seymour with the legendary CBC as the goal.  Perhaps our choice was dictated by the promise of bone-dry conditions or maybe we were looking to inflict maximal terror on anyone who would refer to himself as “No Mere Mortal.”  We will never know for sure.

We set the shuttle for CBC and started the drop.  Brian and my experience on a slimy wet CBC two years ago would hardly be described as impressive.  The trail was over our heads.  With dry conditions and more BC riding experience, we headed into the trail aggressively.  After a couple of turns we entered a sixteen-inch wide ladder that quickly rose up in a steep pitched, rollercoaster-style bump to about six feet off the ground.  Cresting the crown of the bump we could see the equally steep exit drop but with the ladder narrowed to only half the width.  There was just no choice but to ride this one out.  The adrenaline spigot was now turned full on.  Welcome to CBC.  We continued down the trail with gnarly round stoned root and rock drops punctuated by well-built ladders and build-ups.  The action was continuous and we continued without stopping until the strain of the constant bent-leg flex became too much.

An unknown rider showing us how it is done on CBC

An unknown rider showing us how it is done on CBC

Our last visit to CBC:

Maybe not the best line this time on Corkscrew

Maybe not the best line this time on Corkscrew

In the end, we rode most features, passing only on a few.  Our last descent of CBC took us around an hour and a half, as a guess.  It might have been longer.  This year we were down the trail in much less time and were finished too soon for our tastes.

If the conditions were not dry would it have gone as well?  Most likely not, though we couldn’t have done worse than our first attempt.  The local riders claim that running full-on downhill tires at low pressure is the key when things are slimy.  They even go as far as saying that they are more comfortable when it is wet than when it is dry.  Dry conditions scare them.  It is hard for us to even imagine.

Knobs down on Corkscrew

Knobs down on Corkscrew

Past CBC we rolled Corkscrew, Pingu, and Team Pangor before we finished again on Empress Bypass.  These trails have all received the North Shore trail builders love and are well built and maintained with rock armor treads and solid build-ups.  The character of the trails varies slightly.  Pingu features more and tighter build-ups.  Team Pangor is like a more moderate version of CBC with plenty of rocky drops and lower, wider build-ups along the way.  Though the features on Team Pangor are not as big as they are on CBC, they are challenging, nonetheless.  At the bottom we finished in an adrenaline depleted state.  Even No More Mortal had a distant, glazed look of utter trail satisfaction.  At least that’s what we think the glaze meant.

Josh finds airtime on CBC

Josh finds airtime on CBC



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  1. Whoa! That roller coaster at the top of CBC was no more than three feet high. I should know, I stopped on top of it three times and never actually rode it! talk about baptism by fire. . . Next time!

    Comment by No Mere Mortal — August 3, 2009 @ 4:16 pm

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