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January 8, 2009

The Encore in Las Vegas

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Prompted by the great deals for flights and rooms, we headed to the Encore at The Wynn in Las Vegas.  It doesn’t really seem to us that Vegas is our type of town, but we keep coming back and checking whether this is correct or not.  At three trips per year, our research does not seem to be finished.

There’s a lot to do in Vegas.  We play a little poker but beyond that the casinos have little appeal.  The newer hotels are spectacular.  Our room at the Encore was first class even if the resort has a few bugs to be worked out.  I say that, as it was more than a tad inconvenient to be locked out of our room at midnight when our electronic rooms keys suddenly stopped working.  Twenty-five minutes after we were told that the security person was on the elevator to our room, a staff member arrived to let us in.  At the time we hadn’t realized that The Encore had only been open for two weeks.  Though there were definitely bugs to be worked out, all things consider, the property was functioning surprisingly well.

The Encore certainly is a spectacular property.  We feel like we are pretty jaded about the interior design in modern buildings.  In general, we find the glitz and shine of the Las Vegas mega hotels to be off putting.  The Wynn and, to an even greater extent, the Encore manage to be visually appealing even reaching the point that the interior design reaches a level that we would call art.  Particularly notable at the Encore was the massage room area in the spa.  It truly feels as if you are entering another world when you step into the room to see a central path lined with beds of smooth and flat-whitewashed stones with large lanterns placed periodically.  Off the path on both sides are the black drape clocked treatment rooms.  At the end of the path is a massive Golden Buddha glowing in the spotlights.  The massage room area is breathtaking and worth the visit on its own.

The shows in Vegas are also spectacles and hard to match anywhere else, but we are starting to run out of new options of things to see.  When it comes to food and fine dining, Las Vegas is an interesting beast.  Unlike shows, we can always go back and eat at a restaurant we like as the menus frequently change.  At this point, we’ve had a chance to visit many restaurants in Vegas, in some cases with multiple visits.  In general, I have to say, we have come away a little disappointed.  Not that the meals were bad.  It is more that they did not live up to their promise or their price.  In the next installment, I’ll give our thoughts on the restaurants we have been to.


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