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September 16, 2008

Bad Mergentheim

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Convenient dots guide the way to the old town area

Convenient dots guide the way to the old town area

We departed Rothenburg o.d.T. in the morning to start our journey back to the Bay Area. With the aid of the Ever Lost system, we headed north on the Romantische Strasse for as long as time permitted. This pretty much turned out to be a cruise through pastoral countryside and small villages up to the town of Bad Mergentheim. The day was clear and sunny and loads of cyclists were out enjoying the day using a combination of roads and paved trails.

Our arrival in Bad Mergentheim occurred before noon. Convenient dots on the ground lead visitors from the parking lot to the old town square. It is not as if it is such a big distance to the town square from the parking lot or that the main square is particularly hard to find. The dots are convenient, we guess, if you’ve had a few too many, which could happen in these parts. We may need more research on this issue.

Old town, Bad Mergentheim

Old town, Bad Mergentheim

The Church in Deutschordensschloss

The Church in Deutschordensschloss

We wandered about examining the old town square and the Deutchordensschloss. The Deutchordensschloss is the former home of the Teutonic Knights who occupied the castle until they were expelled by Napoleon. Deutchordenscchloss is also an example of how having six consonants in a row is easy in German. German spelling bees could take days! It is the only language that I know of that you can have a run on sentence with two words.

Greek food was our choice for our last meal in Germany. The beverages, a beer, of course, for Dave and a Coke for Becky (not a beer as the dots were not set up as well to find your way back to the parking lot) came with a shot of Ouzo. Becky’s questioning look to the waitress lead to a “ja, ja” that left no doubt that consumption was required.

A shot of ouzo and a beer in the Greek restaurant

A shot of ouzo and a beer in the Greek restaurant

After an Ouzo addled trip to the Frankfurt Airport, it took us the prerequisite 45 minutes to figure out where the correct rental return location was hidden. Isn’t it ironic that you rent a navigation system from a rental car company, but the one thing it can’t help you with is returning the car? In any event, we made our flight in time, even after demonstrating that there was, in fact, a porn shop in the Frankfurt Airport. Dave was happy to see that the security at the airport was more to the usual airport standard. Last time through security at the Frankfurt Airport, the guard could verify Dave still has two. And he didn’t even send flowers.

Becky and Dave are keeping their distance

Becky and Dave are keeping their distance


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