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September 14, 2008

Whistler: Lost Lake, Blueberry, and River Runs Through It

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Becky on Blueberry

Becky on Blueberry

The Crew: Becky, Dan, Scott, Brian, and Dave

For Dan and Scott’s first ride in Whistler, we decided to start out by heading up to Lost Lake Park for the always entertaining sequence of intermediate labeled trails that would take us over to Whistler Village. In the Village, Scott and Dan got a chance to see some of the finish of the last event at Crankworks, the downhill, and a bit of festival. Reports are that 25,000 people attended Crankworks this year. It seemed that many were still in town.

From the Village, we crossed over the highway, and, after some searching, found a trail that Brian and I rode last year, Blueberry. Blueberry trail starts with a steep climb from a neighborhood to the top of a knoll and then finishes with a quality descent full of rocks and big roots. No significant build-ups here. Just good, healthy ass kick’in trail under the canopy of the tall trees.

After Blueberry, we took a combination of road and bike trail to River Runs Through It. River Runs Through It is the quintessential Whistler Valley trail. The trail is basically level and has two bridges, which cross the river. The tread is roots, rocks, and dirt with a high density of entertaining and creative build-ups. Though the trail is rated as intermediate (by Whistler’s aggressive standards; it would have been a quadruple diamond in Oregon!), there are lines that range from challenging, but safe, to the skinnies high off the ground that only the fearless or crazy need to consider. The articulating teeter-totter that I described last year (rolling down the first section lowers the entrance on the exit totter) was not functioning correctly (the exit totter entrance was about 8 inches above the plank that connects the two teeter-totter sections). Given that the whole structure is 6 feet or so off the ground and maybe 18 inches wide, any thoughts of doing it this year were quickly dashed.

We left the end of the main section of River Runs Through It and headed up the hill and did the newer section that we missed last year. This was fun, even though we did it in the more downhill direction that turned out to be opposite to how some of the stunts were set up.

River Runs Through It remains as a classic trail. If you lived in Whistler, you could ride it frequently and not be bored, as there are many challenging lines to conquer or work up to on the trail.

From the end of RRTI, we headed back via dirt roads and bike paths to our lodging. Though a long day, it was a fun ride.

Note: There is a good, detailed trail map for the Whistler trails available from most bike shops.



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