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September 14, 2008

Whistler: Crankworks and Lost Lake

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A rider during the Slope Style competition doing the big projection screen drop

A rider during the Slope Style competition doing the big projection screen drop

The Crew: Becky, Brian, and Dave

We headed out for a quick tour of the Crankworks Festival and a short, get comfortable ride. It is a quick trip by bike from the RV Park to the Whistler Village via the valley’s extensive bike trail system. As we arrived, the Crankworks’ Slope Style event was just starting up. From our position on the side of the hill, would couldn’t see everything but we did get a good view of the riders doing the curved wall ride, the satellite dish* and massive drop over the projection screen (see the pictures). We’d guess that the riders traveled around 40 feet vertical from launch to landing. Later we heard that three pro riders dropped out because they did not want to do this drop. I know I didn’t enter the contest because of this drop, and, maybe, the satellite dish, and, well, err, the wall ride, and, perhaps, pretty much every other feature on the trail. Maybe next year!

Brian on the doube teeter-totter near the Whistler Day Lots

Brian on the doube teeter-totter near the Whistler Day Lots

Afterwards, we walked around the Village viewing the booths and all things bike on display. It was pretty much as if bikes had taken over the World. Quite a scene!

After the contest and the Festival viewing, we found some bike play areas near the parking lots. The well-built features include a pump track, BMX style street section, an area with a double teeter-totter and small drops, and a section with low ladders and skinnies. A great place to practice and play around, which we did for a while. We were of course, at least three times the average age of the rest of the users. We were running around average on the mental age scale, however.

We left the Village and headed back to the RV via the Lost Lake Park area. This area is a fun area to get started riding around Whistler. There is a web of trails with unusual names (“Zoot Allures”, “Pinocchio’s Furniture”, “Gee, I Like Your Pants”, “Son of Mr. Green Genes”, etc.). The trails are exceptionally well built and have pretty much all of the features of the other Whistler trails—rocks, roots, ladders, and skinnies—but with a much lower intensity and frequency compared to the other areas in the valley. There is also a super smooth, 4-foot wide trail system that spirals through the area giving a very easier area for total novice riders. This year, a significant number of new trails had been added, but they were mostly unlabeled at this point. We took a few of these and got a little lost, but they are definitely fun in the same style as the trails above with the unusual names. We eventually found our way to “Jelly Roll Gum Drop” which took us down to a bridge over the river. At this point, it was a short distance to the Riverside RV Park which we found in time to be greeted by a dog intent on getting yet another trip to the river. It was his trip, or so Nick thought.

Scott and Dan arrived at the end of the evening.

* A raised, curved, tilted section that riders launch into, wrap around the banked turn, and launch out of.


For reference, a Whistler online trail guide:

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