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September 13, 2008

Whistler: Kill Me Thrill Me

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Scott on Kill Me Thrill Me

Scott on Kill Me Thrill Me

The Crew: Dan, Brian, Scott, and Dave

We were all feeling a bit baked, so we headed out for a shorter ride on Kill Me Thrill Me. Becky, who was riding later, was kind enough to provide a shuttle for the 5 miles to the trailhead, which we found after a bit of searching. Brian and I tried this trail last year, from the opposite end, which turned out to be the wrong way to go. We ended up turning around, exiting, and, on encouragement from a highway worker, decided to head to Pemberton. This year, we embarked on the trail in the correct direction.

Kill Me Thrill Me is a tough trail out of the shoot. The rocks and roots are intense and make the early obstacles and build-ups particularly challenging to enter. The trail parallels highway 99 on the outskirts of town heading towards Pemberton. At many points, you can look down the bank and see the road below. Overall, the trail is rolling with short, steep climbs and seemingly shorter and steeper descents. Aside from Scott, the rest of the crew was having off days, making the trail even harder. That all being said, the consensus was that Thrill Me Kill Me is a great trail with lots of fun along the way. It is one of those trails that would be a challenge to clean in its entirety, but could be done with work and practice. The build-ups tend to be within four feet of the ground but often have some skinny sections built in, particularly when down low. There are lots of rock and rocky drops that

The long rock drop on Kill Me Thrill Me...

The long rock drop on Kill Me Thrill Me...

have you hanging on behind the saddle for dear life. The last drop was reworked this year and, compared to last year, was doable without a downhill bike. Overall, this is a must ride trail when in Whistler.


Scott on the last drop on Thrill Me Kill Me

Scott on the last drop on Thrill Me Kill Me


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