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September 13, 2008

Pemberton, the Return Engagement

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The Crew: Brian, Becky, and Dave

The morning saw the departure of Dan back to the Bay Area. Scott and Val left for Vancouver to meet Val’s flight tomorrow (Scott will return in Squamish). The remnants of crew decided on a return visit to Pemberton.

Becky on Bob Gnarly

Becky on Bob Gnarly

Given the small size of the group, we chose to do a little exploration. We lathered up with bug spray and headed up the standard climb, Happy Trail. Happy Trail connects to Waco Connector. Waco Connector is a gentle, skid road climb that switchbacks onto itself. Two trails, Hawaii and Bob Gnarly, cross from the upper portion of Waco to the lower leg. We tried both of these amusing trails out. The trails dropped steeply from the Waco Connector with loose, rutted, butt wiping drops and short, flatter sections that run out to the lower portion of the Waco. Bob Gnarly has a road gap jump at the end. For some reason, we chose not to ride this.

Continuing up Waco Connector, we connected to Mission Impossible by way of Radio Tower. Mission Impossible is a entertaining drop with rocky sections providing the biggest challenge. At the end of Mission Impossible, we climbed the dirt road up to the entrance of Blood,

Brian at the top of Bob Gnarly

Brian at the top of Bob Gnarly

Sweat, and Fear. A short way into B, S, & F, Lower Psychopath splits off. Lower Psychopath descends predominantly in loose, shale slots that are rideable, but not particularly interesting. From the bottom of Psychopath we passed extremely fresh bear scat. Becky got to go first! From the end of Psychopath, we connected over to Mission Impossible. Though we didn’t recall it from the map, Brian and I had done the lower section of Mission Impossible previously. It is short and entertaining, but ends with a scramble down the road bank at the end.

Overall, though enjoyable, the day’s route was not our best ride in Pemberton. At least that is what we are telling Scott. There are loads of trails in the area, and we are only touching the surface and are still figuring out the best ways to link it all together. At some point we will need to take a sightseeing tour down Pemberton’s most famous trail, Cop Killer.

Tomorrow we leave Whistler for Squamish.



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