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September 12, 2008

On the Road Again, Park City Utah

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Vanishing point on I-80

Vanishing point on I-80

Note:  This is a log of our trip to Park City in the Fall of 2007.

It rained and snowed in Park City on Friday night and Saturday. Bill and I delayed our planned Monday departure to Tuesday to give things a chance to dry out and/or melt. Under clear skies and with light traffic, we hit the road at 7:15 am. I-80 flashed by with autumn, high desert colors in full force.

We averaged over 65 mph from Belmont to Park City, including all breaks. That compares favorably to the 50 mph I usually get with the trailer in tow and accounting for multiple breaks along the way for Nick to reestablish his Western Territories. The pace was curiously fast on this trip, even without the trailer and Nick, as we never exceeded the speed limit. Well, at least we didn’t exceed the speed limit on many portions of the German Autobahn, an observation that may be of marginal relevance here.

To pass the time, Dave, after practicing with Brian on the way to BC, established a 2-0 lead in the Name That Tune Game using the Sirius satellite radio 70’s channel (name, artist, and year all score one point, first to 10 points wins). Bill is catching on quick, so the game may need to be changed on the way back.

Dave, getting full documentation of Bill asleep at the wheel

Dave, getting full documentation of Bill asleep at the wheel

We arrived in the Great Salt Lake Basin as the light was beginning to fade. In the dusk, the jagged hills were lit with orange hues with contrasting dark shadows against the monotone grays of the smooth salt flat. In the distance, we caught glimpses of the Wasatch Mountains capped with glistening snow. The snow was not a welcome sight as it raised our concerns about the coming trail conditions in Park City.

We arrived in Park City and found our rental unit. It was cozy, beautifully appointed, and marginally functional. We called the rental agency with our extensive punch list of repair items. The handyman called back to confirm that the house was not on fire, as it seemed to be the only thing left off of our fix-it list.



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