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September 12, 2008

Lost Prospector and Round Valley

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Aspens in the morning light

Aspens in the morning light

First thing in the morning, I dropped Becky at the Salt Lake City Airport so she could head back to the Bay Area, rescue the dog, and continue to be gainfully employed. I don’t think she was happy to go.

Bill and I headed out for a “ride”. As we left the house, it started to rain gently. We climbed a particularly painful route, and two hours later finally reached the top of Tour de Suds in time for the skies to open up. We headed down the hill in a mudslide, slipping and sliding all the way until Bill hit a downed branch, taco’d his front wheel, was launched down the trail, and slid a full fifty feet face first. Bill and his bike were covered with mud from head to toe generating a massive OCD crisis. With the rain changing to sleet and the temperatures dropping dramatically, Bill was in a particularly foul mood cursing my ride choice every other step as we walked down the hill. It was our worst ride, ever.

Becky can stop reading now. Everyone else can continue on.

Hopefully the ride description above makes Becky feel better about leaving (Becky, your not reading, are you?). And I hope that nobody bought the story above. In reality, the last ride of our visit was much more pleasant. We decided to do a final ride-in ride-out ride from the house and headed towards the Round Valley area by way of Lost Prospector Trail. It was clear and cold over night, in the twenties, so we wait until it warmed to the forties before starting.

Bill on Nowhere Elks in the Round Valley area in Park City

Bill on Nowhere Elks in the Round Valley area in Park City

We entered Lost Prospector near the Old Town area and took the trail to the east to Skid Row. This was the second trip for me and third for Bill on Lost Prospector and it was in prime, ripping fast, rolling level form. Dropping Skid Row and crossing under the highway took us to the Round Valley area.

The Round Valley Area has a collection of trails between two small hills with a small, and not surprisingly given the name, round valley in between. The trails are through open sage and brush with easy climbs and gentle, flowing, and buff descents. Views of the autumn tinged green valley of the Park City area could be seen under the clear blue skies. For trails we took the Round Valley Loop with the Kari’s Loop option to Nowhere Elks (hey, I don’t make the names!) to Valderoad back to the Round Valley Loop to La Dea Duh to Rossman and out through the neighborhoods. The trails in this area are very popular with the locals and we saw lots of folks out running, dog walking, and cycling. This area is perfect for singlespeeds, tandems, novice riders, and dogs.

Our total dirt time was around 3 hours. At the end of our Round Valley jaunt, we connected to the paved bike path that runs along the valley. Heading south, we went past a dirt bike jump area under construction and headed to the mythical Leger’s for a late lunch. Leger’s is a sandwich shop recommended by our handyman, Alex, on the first day of our visit. The shop is very popular with the locals. We had been trying to go there for a post ride nosh all week, but our rides always seemed to end just past their 3:30 closing time. Our sandwiches were fresh, large, and tasty. They were easily big enough for two meals, but with the accumulated hunger from the week’s riding, the sandwiches were downed in one sitting.

Keeping our well practiced, just under hurling speed pace, we pedaled the short distance back to the house to complete another excellent ride and end the riding for the trip. Tomorrow we head back to the Bay.


Food recommendation, lunch, sandwiches (large!) Leger’s (near Dan’s grocery store)

Food, dinner, and beer bar: Davanza’s on Park Ave., Monday Night Football special, $ 1 tacos, $ 2 microbrews


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