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September 9, 2008

The Return of Summer: Sydney Arrival

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Note that the weblog entries have been done so this can be read chronologically from top to bottom.

Sydney panorama from Harbor Bridge

Sydney panorama from Harbor Bridge

As the cab pulled away from the curb, I said to Becky “I think we forgot to pack something.” OK, to be fair, I almost always think that as we

If you are looking for Love from Nigel, look no further

If you are looking for Love from Nigel, look no further

leave on a trip. Nevertheless, it is invariably true as there is always something left behind and left to adapt to as the journey unfolds. Unfortunately for us, trying to pack light usually means leaving something we need behind. Then again, maybe it has nothing to do with “trying” to pack light.

At the International Terminal we had a good idea of what we left—the battery charger for the laptop. It would have been in the checked luggage, so there was no way to check to see whether we brought it or not. Nevertheless, we minimized the computer use even with two fully charged batteries.

After a very long, packed and cramped flight we landed in Sydney a day and a half later, on the calendar at least, and stepped into summer. We collected our luggage amongst the surfers reuniting with their boards as the warm, moist subtropical air moved into the baggage hall through the open doors that pushed the bright morning sun into the room. We learned later that Sydney was experiencing a cold snap. Still, short sleeves and shorts were still the dress style of choice, so maybe a cold snap was not such a bad thing after all. We both felt the instant comfort of being beachside in summer.

Opera House

As we moved through the airport looking for an ATM to get some of the local currency, we passed by the “Nigel Love Room”. Not sure what goes on in there. We know Nigel, but we didn’t think he’d have or need a “Love Room” in the Sydney airport. But, you know, you never know.

Randomly, we decided to take the train from the airport to Circular Quay (pronounce “key”, at least by the locals), which is near our hotel room. We hoofed our way past strongly scented honeysuckle on our way to our room underneath the Sydney Harbor Bridge. It was still midmorning and our room would not be available for several hours. We checked our bags and set about exploring the bridge. We did the poor man’s tour of the bridge and the towers. The rich man’s tour lets you climb on the steel arches of the bridge for two hours for a sliding rate of $155 to $270 USD, depending on the time of day. The bridge tour was clearly popular as multiple groups of ten climbers, looking like ants from the distance, were visible on the span every time we looked during our visit.

Typical Australian pub/hotel in The Rocks
Typical Australian pub/hotel in The Rocks
Sometimes it seems that way

Sometimes it seems that way

That picture was expensive!

The previous picture was expensive!

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