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September 6, 2008

Vancouver to Westfir

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Lion's Gate Bridge at night

Monday was moving day with Nick and I rolling out of the RV park in Vancouver to head south to the Oakridge Oregon area for Stage 2 of the northern assaults. Expecting a long delay at the border, I stopped at Nando’s in White Rock for lunch. The extra hot chicken was excellent and approached thermonuclear. This is about as extreme as the day got unless you count sudden lane changes in Seattle traffic. You know the food was going to be hot when they look at you funny when you order it and ask for an organ donor card at the same time. The chicken was delivered to the table along with a large bottle of the hot sauce, just in case the chicken needed its dial turned to 11. The bottle of hot sauce was full, seeming to indicate that few felt that the chicken was not spicy enough. Anyway, it was a memorable meal. At least I was reminded of it 24 hours later.

As usual, we had the same long lines at the border crossing. It doesn’t seem to be much of a priority to open up the additional lanes that were about the same stage of completion as they were last year. This year, at the main Blaine crossing on I-5, it took 1.5 hours to get to an agent. Of course the agent had to look in the Airstream. He just poked his head inside this time. You could almost see him thinking, “Humm, I didn’t figure him for a lime-green interior.” In the next lane over, a tarp-covered flatbed truck with what looked like human limbs protruding from the cover was waived through. Maybe I should get a Winnebago.

We cruised on past the Everett-Seattle-Tacoma areas during the rush with a surprisingly little resistance. Keeping a Nick pace, we rolled into Westfir, just outside of Oakridge Oregon, a little before 1 am.


I like to collect stepping-stones of good, unique, reasonably priced, and fast restaurants as I travel. This lets me avoid the horrors of fast food hell. Here are a couple places.

In White Rock BC, just before the US Border:

For the GPS, the address is:

Unit # 101 – 3010 152nd Street
South Point Annex
White Rock, V4P 3N7

In Tumwater WA

Happy Teriyaki V

5103 Capitol Blvd.

Tumwater, WA 98501


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