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September 6, 2008

Vancouver, Seventh Secret and Leppard

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The Crew, still ragged from yesterday’s epic, awoke to see a strange and unusual yellow disk in the sky that was emitting heat. It took us awhile, but we finally realized that the disk was the Sun in a clear sky. We hadn’t seen it for a while.

Pure Tube riding the bathtub on Leppard Trail

Pure Tube riding the bathtub on Leppard Trail

We headed out for the one last soirée on the trails of Mt. Fromme. We had time pressures today as Becky, Pure Tube, and The Stump needed to pack and head to the airport for their evening’s flights. With a three-hour ride time, we figured we’d be able to climb up to Seventh Secret, which we would drop and take to Leppard. From the end of Leppard, a short climb would get us to Expresso. We did Seventh earlier in the week, with the full crew, but Becky dropped Pile of Rocks at that time and missed it. Today would be her chance.

The climb to the top takes awhile, but probably well less than an hour. This left us two

The Stump finishing up on Leppard
The Stump finishing up on Leppard

hours to do the dropping, which seemed fine until we got to the bottom of Seventh with 45 minutes left and 2/3 of the dropping left to do. I think we still haven’t adjusted to the concept that it takes us significantly longer to descend here than to climb. We had to alter our planned course, so we dropped Expresso from the agenda (wait until next year!) and rolled Leppard with a short excursion on Floppy Bunny at the end.

Leppard is a relatively level trail with only a small altitude change from start to finish. It is very technical, with lots of roots and rocks to negotiate. The signature feature on the trail is a cast iron bathtub. The tub is upside down and is ridden by going through a slot cut in a downed log (you can see it in the pictures). Through the log slot, you ride the length of the tub and ride off the slope of the tub’s inverted backrest. The entrance to this feature is a little tricky with a web of wet roots in play, which turns an otherwise simple challenge into something a little more.

Leppard was over too soon and we buzzed down the access road and rolled Floppy Bunny. Floppy Bunny has fewer obstacles, so it is faster. It still has a couple of features that more than give you pause. We got to the truck and back to the trailer in time to get everyone to the airport with time to spare.



The extra time was good, I guess, as the authorities felt that The Stump required a full body search. Sounds like they got my messages about this sketchy-joker cartoonish-character type.

At the time of the writing of this log entry, Becky, Pure Tube, and The Stump have returned to the Bay. The devolution of Pure Tube and The Stump back to Josh and Brian has begun. Becky is desperately trying to figure out how to get back to the BC bike Nirvana as soon as possible.



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