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September 6, 2008

The Way Back

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Melbourne street scenes

Melbourne street scenes

After a morning constitutional walk around Melbourne we headed to the airport. At the airport, we checked in and vampired electricity to top up the charge on our electronics. Not that we really needed the juice, but the challenge of finding unused electrical outlets in airports keeps us out of trouble.

We had Aussie Dollars remaining so we picked up additional wine in the duty free shops at the Melbourne Airport. We had a little scare on the plane as it arrived in Sydney where the crew said we’d have to go through security again, before we reboarded the same plane.* This meant, they announced, that we would have to discard all liquids. They advised us that this would, in fact, include our newly purchased duty free wines. Fortunately, it turned out that we did not have to be rescreened before reboarding and we were able to keep all our duty free wine purchases. I’d like to think that saying that we had to be rescreened was the plane crew’s way of building their personal cellars by having us leave our wine behind in their hands. In reality, I suspect that is was an innocent mistake.

The long flight took us back to the Bay. The wine was free on the flight. Ironically, it was Gallo….

With additional wine purchases in the Sydney Duty Free Shops, we ended up taking 14 bottles back into the country. We still had enough extra Aussie Dollars on hand, so it could have easily been more. All of our purchases were declared on our Custom’s forms, but they waved us through with no charge in San Francisco.

An uneventful taxi ride took us back to the house in Belmont. Nick was initially happy to see us and then quickly remembered to be pissed off because we left him for so long. In exchange for four walks in the next 24-hour period, he will agree to forget the whole abandonment episode.

One for Dave, 13 for Becky

One for Dave, 13 for Becky


* We were on the exact same plane in the same exact seats on all three flight legs of this trip.


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