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September 6, 2008

Oregon, Westfir/Oakridge to Bend

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As the others rode an Alpine Trail initiated epic in Oakridge, Nick and I packed and headed to Bend for the next phase of the journey. Actually, Nick didn’t do much packing. I’m going to have to talk to him about that.

The two-hour drive from Westfir to Bend was over quickly enough when we turned into the Crown Villa RV Resort. As the attendant was guiding me to my spot and working hard to retain some semblance decorum while I struggled to back the rig into a massive parking spot, he mentioned that I was a bit “young” for this place. Seems that most of the people here are over 55. No worries, though. I figure I’ll invite Berry over for a beer. Then I’ll fit right in. Other than the age thing, the RV Park is nice, though a bit sterile and suburban. Nick says that any RV Park without a swimming hole isn’t worth staying in. We don’t always listen to the Wonder Dog, particularly when he doesn’t help with the packing.

There was plenty of time to do a little shopping on the day off so I headed to the massive Fred Meyer store nearby. Fred Meyer is like an upscale version of WalMart. They seem to sell everything.

While walking through the frozen food section, I started to notice that they seem to have a lot of ice cream. I mean they have a seriously large amount of ice cream. So I decided to measure it. The final* count came out to 96’ feet of freezer space, six foot high, not counting non-ice cream containing frozen novelty items. Calculations based on the typical 1.75 quart sized units, stacked 8 high, 2 per foot, 4 deep, and with the typical 14 servings per container, say that Fred Meyers has 86,016 servings of ice cream in stock. The population of Bend is 77,780. Were pretty sure, though we didn’t check, that other stores in Bend sell ice cream also.

Pictures only vaguely related to the narrative:

*My initial measurement was shorter, but this was later revised when I took Becky on a hot date on Saturday to Fred Meyer to ogle the ice cream display.


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