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September 4, 2008

Squamish, Marc My Word

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Friday was moving day as the Airstream and crew rolled the 30 miles down the Sky to Sea Highway from Whistler to Squamish. At Dryden Creek Resort, we made camp and were joined by Scott, Alex, and Erik and Scott’s Airstream. After a trip to Tantalus Bike in search of a trail map and for a brake repair for Josh’s bike (Brian and I don’t know why Josh thinks he will use brakes around here), a scavenger hunt to find one of the last remaining trail maps in Squamish, fish and chips for lunch, and some grocery shopping, we were finally ready for a ride around 5.

Becky had other plans for the day (which somehow included snapping a derailleur hanger), so the day’s crew consisted of Brian, Scott, Erik, Alex, Josh, and myself. We packed into the trucks and headed to the Garibaldi Highlands for the daily adrenaline dose. The route we rode was the highlights of what Scott, Brian, Becky and I rode last year. An easy climb up Mashiter Trail took us to Track’s from Hell, a relatively level link trail with a very long (200 feet?) low skinny bridge crossing a marsh. Tracks from Hell took us to Edith Lake. Edith Lake was a pristine reflecting pool in the calm winds. From the lake, we took Mike’s Loop Trails, including a steep pushing section, to the top of Entrails.

Erik on Mark My Words
Erik on Marc My Word

At this point, the saddles were dropped and the pads were tightened, as the fun was about to begin. Entrails starts as a relatively level trail with drops over downed logs and has a low bridge marsh crossing. The technical challenge continued on Entrails until we reached the new trail we rode last year—Marc My Word. Entrails continues to the right and loops around a massive granite formation. Marc My Word bisects the Entrails’ loop somehow finding a route down the face of the 300 foot or so high wall of granite through a series of rock drops from wide ledge to wide ledge culminating in a wide but high ladder drop. We figured that there were about 15 big drops on the trail, all bigger than anything official in the Bay Area, cleverly linked together in a way that would flow on the seventh time you rode the trail.


The new blood in the crew was bent on riding everything, which they usually did, though they also occasionally tested the comfort of the loamy soil landings. For Brian’s alter ego, The Stump, and myself, it was a chance to exorcize some of last year’s demons and ride some of the sections that we missed last year. Last year’s failures had been festering in some deep, dark corner of our brains, so it was good to clear them out.

We figure that we averaged about 0.7 mph on Marc My Word as we reconnected briefly with Entrails and popped back onto Mashiter. The mileage on Marc My Word may have been short, but the quality was high. For me, it doesn’t get much better than this. We don’t know who Marc is, but if we find him, we definitely owe him a beer.

Back on Mashiter, we cruised down to the top of Rollercoaster for some high speed descending fun. Rollercoaster is a laugh as you go, slot-car track type of trail with banked turns and small jumps added in for your riding pleasure. The trail was over too soon as we were spit out at he bottom right next to our parked vehicles.


Overall the ride took a little more than 2.5 hours. We were back at the trailers in time for Josh to prepare dinner and for the campground hosts to come by with another bear warning.

“There are two bears with three cubs and three bears with two cubs,” we heard our host say.

We suspect that there is some bear inflation going on here in Squamish, but we took the warning to mean that there really are bears around here and packed things up for the evening.



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