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September 4, 2008

River Runs Through It

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Becky on Cut Yer Bars

Becky on Cut Yer Bars

Our day started with a visit to what is proving to be our favorite breakfast spot in Whistler—the Southside Dinner in Creekside (see link below). We managed to miss the big lines this morning and dined on Bennie’s (Egg’s Benedict with no added performance enhancers that we knew of), a BELTCH (bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and ham sandwich), and huevos rancheros. We were hoping that the combo would not leave us speeding, belching, and farting down the trails.

After breakfast we headed out for the days riding. Our destination ride for the day was the iconic Whistler Valley trail, River Runs Through It. We rolled out of the campground and headed across the road to Cut Yer Bars. Cut Yer Bars and Roll Your Bones form a small web of interesting and challenging trails in a pocket of the valley. Though there are some quite interesting build-ups to test your skills, the major challenges come from technical climbs over the roots and up granite faces.

Brian on River Runs Through It
Brian on River Runs Through It

On the other side of the Cut Yer Bars trail complex, we popped out on a bike path that we took past Alta Lake and teams of scantily clad sunbathers enjoying the warm day. Brian figured that many of the women would have been real hot in full body armor. We are beginning to worry about Brian.

River Runs Through It
River Runs Through It

Past the lake we continued on the road to far end segment of River Runs Through It (RRTI). RRTI is a rolling trail with little elevation gain or loss. The trail is densely constructed with a variety of build-ups, often very creative (for example, there is an articulating double teeter-totter) with multiple lines of differing challenge. Between the build-ups, the tread is the typical web of dense roots and rocks that often make the build-ups seem like the easy trail sections. In our third year of riding in Whistler, we are starting to get the hang of riding RRTI and we are developing a semblance of flow through the trails.

New this year is a new section of RRTI that is attached to the southern end of the trail. This new trail segment that we like to think of as The River Runs Along the Road connects the end of RRTI to the Alta Lake parking lot. The new segment is much like the older trail though there are fewer build-ups. The tread is dry, dusty, and unconsolidated at this point. Nothing that a good wet Whistler winter wouldn’t change in a hurry.

Base Camp at Riverside RV Resort in Whistler
Base Camp at Riverside RV Resort in Whistler

Back on the bike path we headed to the camp. Our route took us by a local favorite Japanese Restaurant (Samurai Sushi) so we had to make an emergency food and beer stop so we could make it the last 0.5-mile back to the trailer. We’re not sure we would have made it back without this emergency stop.



Breakfast: Southside Dinner in Creekside:

Dinner: Samurai Sushi


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