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September 4, 2008

Lost Lake

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Becky in the Lost Lake Trails area

Becky in the Lost Lake Trails area

By consensus, we had a late start to the riding day after our late arrival the previous night. We rolled out for a short “easy” ride in the Lost Lake area. Lost Lake, or The Zappa trails (the trail names are from Frank Zappa songs) to the locals, is located a stones throw from Riverside RV Park where we are staying. The trail system is a spiral of smooth, gravel impregnated singletrack interlaced with blue trails that feature rocks, roots, and build-ups that are high enough to provide a sense of exposure without any real risk. This is one of the easier places to ride in Whistler and has families descending even the blue trails. This is always our “get your feet wet” ride when we get to Whistler. It’s always harder than we remember at the start of the visit (i.e., a bunch of dabbing), but easily cleanable in its entirety at the end of the stay. We’d love to have this network of trails as a ride-in-ride out opportunity back home. It’s loads of fun. Brian, in particular, was enjoying his new bike on these trails. Overall, the ride lasted a little more than 2 hours.

Nick’s primary activity for the day was to avoid being mistaken for the small bear that was making frequent visits to the campground. Everyone is telling Becky that they thought Nick was the bear as she was walking him around the RV Park. Nick is considering bleaching his hair blonde.

“Better than the rubber bullets that they are using on the bear,” he says. “And besides, chicks dig blond hair.”



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