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September 4, 2008

Kill Me Thrill Me and Section 102

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Today we were back on the bikes. Our destination trail for the day was Thrill Me Kill Me (TMKM), considered one of the finest of the Whistler Valley trails. I think we’d have to agree.

Becky on Thrill Me Kill Me
Becky on Section 102

We decided to try a new (to us) trail on the way to TMKM so we headed up the bike path and climbed a short distance into the Emerald Estates neighborhood until we reached Section 102 (a trail named for the section of the Forest Practices Code that prohibits cutting new trails on Crown Land). Section 102 runs parallel to highway 99, heading northeast while climbing over the saddle of a small ridge and eventually ending on a forest road a short distance from the TMKM entrance.

Climbing to the saddle on Section 102 was a big challenge with lots of roots, rocks, and other obstacles turning this into a “beyond category” challenge for us. In other words, it was only briefly fun and required a lot of bike pushing to get through. With better Whistler skills, this one would have been more rideable and a good challenge.

Thrills on Thrill Me Kill Me
Brian on Section 102

From the saddle, the descent to the forest road was technical and fun with frequent granite boulders, rock gardens, and loose baby head sections to keep you on your toes. The trail terminates with a big teeter-totter that deposits the rider on a steep slope in the middle of a root and rock garden. Perhaps if the teeter-totter didn’t have a little side-to-side twist we would have given it a shot. Well, maybe that and a Michelin Man style protective suit and a year’s supply of Vicodin. Overall, we rated Section 102 as the type of trail that you would ride a few times a year if you lived in the valley. As bike tourists, we wouldn’t go out of our way to seek it out. There are other trails in the Emerald Estates that seem more interesting to try.

Teeter-Totter at the end of Section 102, nothing like dumping you into a rock garden
Teeter-Totter at the end of Section 102, nothing like dumping you into a rock garden

Having survived Section 102, we headed to the main event, Thrill Me Kill Me. Last year TMKM kicked my ass and I came back looking for revenge. TMKM starts with a technical rocky and rooty climb and rolls north, paralleling Highway 99 with peak-a-boo views of Green Lake and the glacier capped peaks of the Whistler-Blackcomb Mountains. The rock and build-up challenge sections of the trail are well separated by winding, sweet singletrack. Three steep and long granite rock slab sections form the signature portions of the trail and are way fun. We had little problem with the first two sections, but none of use could clean the last rocky section beneath a large high-tension power poll. It didn’t help that a ten year old on a way-to-big bike came by and cleaned the section easily. At least his mother, who was following, walked it!

At the end of TMKM, we popped out back on Highway 99 having felt that we rode the trail this year with good flow. This is a cool trail. Definitely worth a visit if you are in Whistler.

We spun back the 5 miles back to the camp on a combination of highway and bike path. With a headwind and Neverroll tires inflated to the minimum, the 5 mile trip felt more like 15, but we eventually made it back to the trailer. Overall, the ride took us more than 4.5 hours to cover a mere 17 miles and included 1500 feet of climbing.

Becky getting her thrills on Thrill Me Kill Me
Becky getting her thrills on Thrill Me Kill Me

When we dropped out at the end of TMKM, we found and empty bag of “Extreme” dog food (see the pictures). Not something that we new existed. About 1:30 in the morning, Nick let us know what true extreme dog food was as he had an emergency need to exit the trailer accompanied by what seemed to be the sound of pebbles dropping a couple of feet to the floor. Turns out that Nick had managed to eat some of the decomposed granite rock in the campsite (it probably had bacon grease or something like it on it). It seems that the rocks passed through him just fine (there are NO pictures of this!) and he seems to be none the worse for the wear. None of that girlie “Extreme” dog food stuff for Nick. He’ll show you what true extreme dogs (or extremely stupid) dogs eat!

Becky bypassing domestic duties.
Becky bypassing domestic duties.




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